Yes, Now You Can Own Joe Satriani’s Guitar!

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The Master of Tone designed and plays his Signature JS Model Guitars. That almost says it all. Because if you know how exacting Joe is in getting the best tones in the business, then by definition his signature models have to be great guitars. If that doesn’t convince you, then you can see from the spec lists below some of the serious cutting edge features that make these great guitars. From head to toe, the JS100 was made to play like no other. The sleek basswood body is lightweight for hours of comfortable playing, and fits right between mahogany and alder in tonal quality. The JS neck is made from maple, and features a rosewood fingerboard that produces a strong, bright sound, and is long-grained for a sweet look. For a wide taste of tone, Ibanez gives you a pair of DiMarzio humbuckers and a PAF Joe at the neck and a Fred at the bridge. It comes equipped with an Floydrose tremolo bridge for the wildest of bends and dives. Case is


The Ibanez JS guitar is made in China. It has a very small shapely body, easy to handle and well balanced. The body of this guitar has been snaded off around the side. it has 22 frets. It has a very thin neck but very fast and easy to handle. It has a comfortable curved fretbord unlike most Ibanez guitars. The paint job on the guitar is a thin red. Most people think it is weak but I like it because you can still see the wood underneath. This guitar has a balanced floyd rose bridge.. It comes with a coil tap pickup which is bit weak in ways but it does give out good clean sounds. This guitar comes with locking nuts and is really useful when doing dive bombs. The system works too, it stays in tune for extended periods of use and abuse.

This guitar is very versatile since it has coil tap and whammy bar with a Floydrose trem. I use it through a Peavy Classic 30 and a small pedalboard with a Marshall Echo and Maxon Overdrive. This guitar does sound great though It is not much of a metal guitar. It has a very thin sound so great for clean.

Needless to say, this guitar can handle live playing as long as it is not banged around or one of your band members runs into you. As you know, if you read my blogs, I like thin necks and found this neck to be similar to my Eric Clapton Strat in size. That is a bonus. Another feature I like is the overall length of the guitar and how it hangs. I got used to it immediately. The hardware is beautiful and nicely detailed, it goes perfectly with the finish. If you take care of it, it will play like a dream and last a lifetime. The finish is thin but I think it looks awesome and the red really is very appealing.

I get the impression this guitar can handle most music with grace. Honestly, if you are a metal player, I would not recommend you buying a guitar like this. I love the neck on this guitar it is really fast and easy to play. I am not as impressed with the whammy bar on this thing it seems to stiff. I played a few Ibanez Guitars and decided on this one because the JS1200 is not made any better, it does have better pickups and pretty hardware. It’s definitely less expensive to personalize this model with better pickups and have it setup to your personal specs than buying the expensive model. Remember, most guitars are made on computerized machinery, with that in mind the manufacturing specs will be close if not the same on all models of guitars. Hardware and setup time, not to mention Joe Satriani’s name are big reasons the prices go up.

Features:Click The Pic.

* JS neck
* Maple Neck Material
* Basswood Body
* 22/Medium frets
* Rosewood Finger Board
* Edge Pro II bridge
* IBZ AH1 (H) Neck PU
* IBZ AH2 (H) Bridge PU
* Pearl Dot Inlay
* CH : Hardware Color

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  1. Hey, I’d love to know about some of the history of electric guitars. Some times someone brings a guitar to Antique Roadshow that is really special. How do you know?

  2. This is a great guitar that I dream about for a long time now!

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