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What is the value of a really good unbiased online review? To coin a phrase “priceless”. Do you get tired of typing in your query of “guitar review” and coming up with a bunch of worthless reviews. I mean ones that actually confuse you and lead you farther away from your goal. It can be infuriating and frustrating.

We all know a pancake has two sides. Well I want to hear about both sides of the pancake when I read a review. To put it into terms you understand, providing the bad points as well as the good points of a guitar is only fair to the consumer.

Lots of reviews are written by Professional Review Writers who get payed by the particular company to review their product and put the old positive sensational twist on it. Perhaps the distributor or store has reviewers to write about products, but simply put, they get payed to say positive stuff and trivialize negative issues with a product. Payed is the operative word.

To prepare an un biased review, it is vitally important that the reviewer is not receiving products like guitars and gear from said company to review . If someone has gained the credibility for a company like Fender or Gibson Guitar’s to send you guitars to review, than it seems logical to keep them happy by providing great reviews.

We don’t get anything for free at Guitar Players Center, and no one pads our pockets. Buying out of our pockets, or borrowing from an unbiased source is the only truthful way to go. The products you want reviewed need to be evaluated in a manner that would bring forth some of the not so good qualities of a product.

My Brother in law is a computer guy, he works for a big computer company. He is at the Jimi Hendrix level of computers skills, yet he likes to review products before he buys them. We discussed it, he is weary of what most reviewers say and finds the rest of them to be inaccurate. Shopping on the internet provides a great opportunity to stay home and buy. No wasted gas. A good review can help solve that problem and keep some gas money in your pocket too.

Unless you pay Consumers Digest money, you can’t even read a so called un-biased review. The point is, you have to know where to look for trustworthy, reviews of guitars that provide a tactful view of a product and serve to ethically build a place for qualified consumers to read your contents on a particular product.

Building solid online credibility in terms of solid, honest reviews is a necessity today. With the amount of people searching the internet growing daily, it is vitally important we embrace the paradigm of un-biased qualified reviews in order for people to have confidence that a review is truthful on both sides of the pancake and buy the appropriate product.

Every review that GPC does is with the ideas presented above. Like you, we want to buy with confidence. One more item to add is that most qualified online stores, in this case guitars, guitar gear, software and musical instrument dealers provide exceptional internet tools to virtually test drive anything that interests you. and we provide these tools when ever we can to you in our reviews.

Guitar Players Center provides this service for free. Realistically, we feel that if we provide free un-biased reviews than we will build credibility with you, our readers. Our goal of  building confidence and credibility is so you can use our site as often as you want to in order to review a product and even buy it. Please leave in the comment area anything you can’t find a fair review on, we will try to review it for you.

If the idea presented here seems to be something you have realistically though about before and approve of it, than please Share It. Enjoy.

4 Responses to Why an Un Biased Realistic Online Review is in Your Best Interest

  1. Thanks for exposing the bad guys, Danny. I like your pancakes!

  2. I think you’re generalising hugely when it comes to judging reviews and reviewers. I have commissioned, edited, and written reviews for a very well-known computer magazine for over ten years.

    As is the norm, we borrow products directly from the manufacturer, from a distributor, or from a PR company. We never buy products to review, we simply couldn’t run a profictable business like that, and neither could any other publication. In addition, sometimes companies don’t take product back, when they do, they collect it at their expense. And, occasionally they’ll wine and dine journalists and take them away for a few days for a a big launch.

    Does that mean the reviews we write are biased? Nope. In ten years, I can honestly say that not one review I have ever edited or written has been in any way affected by the fact that a company has been either very helpful or very unhelpful. And we’re far from unique, the above is true of every journalist and publication I know.

    Manufacturers and distributors are realistic. They know that they’ll get bad reviews occasionally and occasionally they get pissed about it. But that doesn’t change anything.

    With regard to your comment: ‘If someone has gained the credibility for a company like Fender or Gibson Guitar’s to send you guitars to review, than it seems logical to keep them happy by providing great reviews.’ That’s simply not true. Reviewers who write whatever a manufacturer wants them to write have no credibility. Those who are honest and unbiased earn the respect of manufacturers because the manufacturers know that readers trust what they say.

    If you know of specific cases where reviewers have been niased, by all means state them. But please don’t tar us all with the same brush.

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