Don’t forget that Fender’s Limited Edition Stevie Ray Vaughan “Lenny” Replica Stratocaster is going on sale Wednesday, December 12th, it can be purchased at the Guitar Center.Like the other guitars in Fender’s Tribute Series line, this Stratocaster has been crafted by the luthiers in The Fender Custom Shop with every nick, bruise and scratch found on the original model that was sold at auction for $623000.00. I guess that $17000.00 retail is fair!!  You have to be a serious player to own one of these beauties. Don’t wait to long, I understand that there are only 185 of these guitars being released to the public.
The guitar will also feature a detailed custom inlay under the bridge, beat up headstock, Steve Ray Vaughan’s signature is scratched into the neck-plate, Mickey Mantle’s signature on the back and SRV’s reflective stickers glued to the pick-guard.

If you’re a serious player and want in on this SRV mayhem, you can check out Fenders Lenny Guitar here for pictures, full specification list and details on purchasing this one of a kind axe… Guitar Players Center wishes you Good Luck on your purchase…Send me a review if you buy one.

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  1. Yes. guitar players muscles really do have a memory.

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  3. Back from Santa Fe

    Wow — love to jam on one of those babies!! What a great opportunity!! Thanks for letting us know —

  4. I will let you know

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