Some times I play a Squire Affinity Telecaster Special Electric Guitar. I was so impressed with how much Squire Guitars offered for the money that I purchased two of them. Squier is fully owned by The Fender Guitar Company. The Squier Guitar Company was started in 1982 by Fender as a second line brand of guitars that have traditional Fender looks and are built to Fender specifications at super affordable prices. It can be a guitar for beginners, however it can also be an cost a effective guitar for anyone.

It is not my main axe or my only Telecaster. It’s also not a cheap poorly made guitar you might buy for a beginner or a 10 year old as a gift. The overall quality and playability are equal to electric guitars that cost two or three times as much.

The guitar itself is easy to play and has better sound than I expected. It has an Alder wood body and a C-shaped maple neck with 21 jumbo frets. It came out of the box unusually well set up. The string action is low and everything checked out good. The neck was straight and all the bolts including the assembly by the factory were nice and tight. Exactly what I expect out of a genuine Fender guitar. I have not always had the great experience of a new guitar coming out of the box so well prepared to play.

My string preferences are for DR Brand Pure Blues with light weight 9-42 gauge wire. I put the DR strings on everything I own immediately. I don’t even try the stock strings except to see if they were put on correctly, to see if the neck is straight right out of the box and how well tuned the guitar comes from the factory. I think being well tuned and setup from the factory is a testimonial to how well a company operates their quality control system and how recently the guitar was manufactured. In other words it was not sitting around in stock deteriorating for a long period of time before it was sold. It also came shipped and packaged like a $2000.00 guitar.

The guitar I purchased has a 3 color sunburst paint job and the finish is well above average and consistent with the quality paint jobs you would find on Fender Guitars. The tuners are pretty darn good. They are chrome plated and seem to operate smoothly and accurately. Much higher quality than I expected or have seen on the earlier Squier Guitars. It has a volume and tone control knob and a three way pick up selector switch. Fairly normal Fender-Squier controls. All of them worked properly with no noise or any sense of being below standards. The bridge itself is chrome plated and well made and works great on this guitar. The pickups produced the sounds that Telecasters are famous for, in fact I forgot I was playing a Squier and not a Genuine Fender Telecaster Guitar for a while as I drifted into the zone during most of the review sessions. I like to make it known that during my rugged test sessions I had no problems whatsoever with the durability or craftsmanship on any part of this guitar. I played the heck out of it too!

The guitar itself has the wonderfully unique sound of a Telecaster and sounds great whether it’s played with or without distortion. Another cool thing I noticed is that you can play almost any style of music and sound good. An attribute many guitars can not claim. The only thing I did not like, which does not reflect it’s playability or sound is the way the bridge is constructed makes it difficult to change the strings. And that’s a small complaint considering the guitars cost.

For example, I’m a straight up blues player and found that bending the strings or playing fast provides no string action issues or tuning problems that may be associated with a cheap guitar. Another important quality of this guitar is that you can play slide guitar with no problem and finger-pickers don’t need to shy away. The second Squier we purchased is used by my wife. She plays a mean slide guitar and is a jaw dropping Travis Picker. She is strong minded and did not stutter when she said she had no problem performing at a jam with this guitar. A pretty bold statement by a person who’s other guitars includes a high dollar Gretsch Pro-Jet and a beautiful Tacoma acoustic electric KAO wood guitar, oh, and a nice American Strat.

Realistically speaking the guitars played so well I had to make sure Musicians Friend sent me the right guitars. They did, as usual, but a deal is a deal and I would not give it back even if they did send the wrong one! Ha!

As usual Musicians Friend delivered the goods as promised. It arrived sooner than expected and I got free shipping. I did not use the Musicians Friend credit card because I had the money at the time, but I wound not hesitate to take advantage of their credit card deal if I did not have enough doe. And, as I stated earlier it came to me in perfect condition.

Like I said earlier, you don’t have to be a beginner to enjoy and reap the benefits of this extraordinary guitar. However, if this is your first guitar. let me recommend that you get it as a beginners package kit where all the accessories are included or let me recommend an inexpensive amp, a cord, tuner and cheap gig bag if you buy it separately. I also like to recommend a good guitar stand to go with it. I don’t like the cheap stands because one broke on me once and put a nice scratch on my Muddy Waters Artist Series Telecaster.

The products that Guitar Players Center reviews are purchased by GPC with our own money. We decided it was in your best interests to buy our guitars and gear so that our experience from placing the order to delivery will be much the same that you might expect. No one is padding our pockets in order to get favorable reviews. We feel confident that you are receiving unbiased real world information.

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