New Releases from Paul Reed Smith Guitars

Posted by: Daniel R. Lehrman Posted in: Guitar Reviews

One benefit of having a no cost subscription to Guitar Players Center is that you would know that I recently had the pleasure of playing A Paul Reed Smith Guitar, a McCarty with Indian rosewood neck. Also has Wagner (WCR) Goodwood pickups in it. Dark Cherry Sunburst is the finish, I can provide some pics if anyone wants them. Please read the post on “Rhythm Guitar Methods Exposed”.

I noticed this article from this morning, PRS launches new guitars and amp range and wanted to share it. I enjoyed playing the PRS guitar very much, I hope to resist buying one for a long time. My friend Allan showed me a PRS guitar with a Stratocaster neck on the internet. Now that is unfair. Musicians, guitar players mostly, have an incurable desire for more guitars and equipment. It seems unavoidable. It is probably not a good idea to play any PRS guitar. Why? It may be bad for your wallet and your relationship. That is a warning.

Thanks and Enjoy

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  1. Danny, I can tell you from experience, that PRS guitars are addicting, at least they are for me. Others are into Les Pauls (I was for years before I got my 1st PRS), some are into Strats or Tele’s, just what fits your personality and your playing.
    The new lineup from PRS is quite amazing, along with some limited editions, like the West Street Limited.
    Paul is really covering the ground with guitars for all tonal aspects. The new Mira, and the McCarty Korina are great guitars, and don’t make you mortgage the house to get one.
    I’m fortunate to have 5 PRSi at the moment, and would love to trade a couple for some other models.
    I’ll give you the big tour next time you’re here.

  2. Allan, You can be The PRS public spokesman for us.
    I look forward to the big tour.
    Yalk at ya later,


  3. Guitar is a great instrument.There are many kinds of guitars available in the market PRS guitar is among them. Interest towards playing guitar has increased in recent times. This is because of the guitar lessonsavailable online. Learning guitar has also become easy.

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