Got an Interest in PRS Guitars?

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More that a few guitar players were interested in my post on the New Releases from Paul Reed Smith Guitars. Asking, “what makes a Paul Reed Smith Guitar so special?” What are the main differences in models. What are the specifications of each model? I think these are valid questions. If you are in the market of buying a world class guitar and can afford it than there are a lot of great choices out there.

I am not a PRS expert. My friend Allan is. He has been playing them longer than anyone I know. He has even been to the factory. But he is a busy guy, so I will do my best to vibe you up on PRS guitars. As far as I’m concerned, I would be honored if Allan can correct me or add to this article. I know all my readers thought I know everything about every guitar. Ha. Ha. That is far from the truth, so I have chosen to direct you to a couple of sites I have found that give the most realistic un-biased answers we could hope for.

The first site has plenty of information regarding the bulk of questions that were asked and lots more. I find it very refreshing to read un-biased content that gives the good and bad. It is a wealth of information that makes the choice of what PRS guitar suits you best easier. The first page is from Ed Roman Guitars . Ed has a mouthful to spit at us on how to identify the models, differences, parts and design changes or upgrades. He is obviously quite well versed on PRS guitars, as you will see.

There is more here that may be of interest to you. Read what the post has to say, and compare the PRS guitar line with a guitar line created by Ed Roman himself. He claims to have improved on what he considers to be the shortcomings in the PRS guitars. His line is called Quicksilver Guitars. I don’t have an opinion since I’m am strictly a Fender Stratocaster player. However I have played one of Allan’s PRS guitars and can testify that it is a superior sounding and highly playable guitar. If I was forced to choose another brand of guitar, I would choose a Paul Reed Smith guitar.

These are world class crafted guitars and have very precise details including, inlays, hardware and paintwork that will leave you speechless. It is worth a trip to GuitarCenter to play and experience one. I can’t afford one now, but that does not stop me from going to Guitar Center.

Here is a video of some of the great guitar players who use them discussing the finer details.

The consistency in construction and actually getting an instrument that exceeds your expectations is why Guitar Players Center would recommend this brand of guitar. Expect the best from PRS, in fact go play one. that is free. By the way, has anyone ever played a Quicksilver Guitar? Let me know what you think of it. Enjoy.

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  1. Hey Danny, I’m not sure what type information you would like me to add, there are so many different models of PRS guitars now, I can’t keep up, and quite a few discontinued, limited runs, and one-offs.
    First thing you need to do is forget everything Ed Roman says. He is a disgruntled ex-PRS dealer, and there are plenty of sites explaining the reason, so I won’t go into it here. Just don’t believe a word he says.
    PRS started hand carving guitars in his apartment, and has gone through many changes to his present factory with CNC machines, etc.
    Too much history to delve into here, but a little searching on the web will be an education(except for the Ed Roman BS)
    There may be better guitars out there, some at least equal if not better as in Thorn guitars, Baker, MacInturff(sp) to name a few. Gibson and Fender Custom Shop are supposed to be right up there, I just don’t have any experience with them.
    I love my PRS guitars, especially the Custom 22 Soapbar models with 3 P90 pickups. I have one of each, a maple board one, and a rosewood board one.
    Also a McCarty model with Indian Rosewood neck and WCR pickups.
    Also have 2 different custom 24’s, though the same, sound a bit different from each other.
    Any questions shoot them to me, if I don’t know the answer, I’ll find out. sorry to ramble on.

  2. When I purchased my Variax guitar I looked at PRS also, but honestly I was a bit disoriented when I’ve seen the starting prices. The entry line is somewhere around the prices of a middle line for Fender, to not say anything about Ibanez which have really cheap guitars. I was looking for something around $700-800 and at that price I was barely starting to smell the entry line of PRS while for Ibanez for ex I could have got a pretty good guitar. I guess it’s the quality but it was a bit too much for me.

  3. Cheap Guitar

    I have never owned a PRS guitar, but have played a few at the store.

    I think for the money,the SE Custom is not a bad choice. It had pretty good action.

    I want a Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 10 Top, but the funds don’t permit this anytime soon, especially with Christmas coming up and having four kids.


  4. I know what you guys mean about the price, but even the custom models are less expensive than a lot of guitars out there.
    The SE series is a fantastic buy, I don’t care they are made overseas. I had an SE Soapbar that was a terrific guitar, but my Son came to visit, and when he left, the guitar was gone!!!
    I’ve been extremely lucky and made some great deals to have the PRSi that I have, and I’m older and the bills are less, otherwise I would not have them.
    Save your sheckles, you won’t be disappointed.

  5. PRS has some very affordable entry level guitars. Gotta watch the kids Allan!
    Most of the entry level ones run less than a grand. Check them out folks, you will be surprised.

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