Can a smaller sized guitar produce the same full tones and sound a full sized guitar produces? Not an easy question to answer since we all hear sounds differently. The better manufacturers such as Taylor and Martin Guitars say yes, and agreeably so in my estimation. Obviously the sound of a smaller guitar with a smaller body may sound different than a full sized guitar. Quality makes a difference, but that applies to any guitar.Taylor Baby Taylor Mahogany Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Just because they are called it a guitar for beginners series of instruments does not mean a veteran guitar player can not play them. There is a large body of evidence that suggests that the demand for quality guitars that suit smaller bodies types such as women, girls, children and small built long term players want good sounding playable guitars that are comfortable to play. Therefore leading to more personal satisfaction and more enjoyable playing time.

Starter and beginner guitar packs are not included in this article, basically a starter guitar is a triple X inexpensive guitar one gives to a person that may or may not stick to playing the instrument. Beginners have different needs in terms of easy to learn and play songs and the best chords for children and people with small hands. Assuming that the beginner or child goes on to enjoy and want to play a better guitar, than this article is very suitable. Incidentally, playing the wrong guitar for your body style can cause problems such as sore wrist and elbows.

The Baby Taylor is a well known smaller  guitar, look at the specifications  and see  it has:

3/4 sized acoustic guitar. Briefly, a solid mahogany top,
3/4 scale body, enclosed die-cast tuners, 22-3/4″ scale length and a 1-11/16″ nut width are the major specifications.

Being of average size, I don’t really get to play smaller or guitars for beginners very much. The first thing I did before playing it was examine it. The basic construction and quality of finish is well above average and easy qualifies as a middle range instrument. Taking a look at the basic setup revealed that the neck was really close to being straight (I use my eyes and a luthiers straight edge to check this), which is nice, since they go through lots of temperature and humidity changes on route to the store, and environment has an effect on wood.

I never like the factory strings, period. On to the string-action. As usual, there is a lot to be desired when it comes to string height on almost all guitars. Taking a feeler gauge and measuring the string height over the fretboard or neck made it evident that the action ( string height) was to high. The other setup problem was it needed intonation. Realistically speaking, both of these problems are taken care of by a basic, inexpensive guitar setup. Well worth the investment, probably upgrading the guitar to play the way it was supposed to. Most folks have never played a guitar that is properly setup.

That being said, the Taylor Baby is a nice instrument from the factory. It may be one of Taylor’s less expensive models, but it has the same attention to detail their high dollar guitars have. I was surprised at how robust the bass response was, not small at all, booming to be honest. I enjoyed the neck, it was really easy to form chords with the narrow neck. Narrow necks are very friendly for small hands. I also was surprised at the quality and accuracy of the tuners. It seemed to stay in tune for long periods of strumming.

It took a few minutes to get used to it, but soon I became comfy with it’s size. I adapted fast and enjoyed the overall tones and clear sounds it emitted. Easily enough to fill a small room with plenty of good vibes. To be honest, I play an electric Eric Clapton Stratocaster or a ’60’s Era Fender ‘Voodoo” Strat and a favorite of mine, an inexpensively upgraded Mexican Strat almost 99% of the time. OK, I strummed through “Hey Joe” and “Pride and Joy”, the chords at least and found the neck very comfortable and easy to play, moreover, I had fun and liked the overall sound It produced, especially for a guitar that costs less than 500.00 bucks. The finish and inlays are done perfectly and in great taste, since I’m color blind, I’m not a big fan of highly ornate guitars, this one is simple and quite appealing to my eyes.

Either way this is a fine guitar for people who prefer small guitars. It has the ability to become an excellent guitar for the same group of people if you have a basic setup performed. Most basic setups run $45.00 to 90.00 plus strings. Make sure you choose your guitar repair and setup service by quality, rather than price.

The Taylor Baby Taylor Mahogany Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural is worth a shot for sure. That is probably why it is a best seller. Not too many guitars perform at this level for the price, this one outperforms almost every other guitar in this price range and many that cost a lot more. The truth of the matter is that we at Guitar players Center would love one of these ‘baby’s”, heck, I might pick up an acoustic guitar more often!


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  1. It is important to offer a kid an instrument that she feels she can play. It is only with success and confidence that a kid will continue pursuing an instrument. Thanks for making an important point!

  2. Wow. I just think this is such a fascinating topic! I know that the great French Horn player, Dennis Brain, played on a crappy dented up old instrument–but he made it magical so it may follow (I know the materials etc are different) that the size of the guitar doesn’t matter.

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  5. Momwantsababytaylor

    For newbies like me, what is meant specifically by “basic set up”? Is that lowering the strings so the action is less? I assume it’s a one time thing(expense) and not needed again after being “set up”, yes?

    • Absolutely. You can do it yourself or pay about 60 to 100 buck from a pro. I charge 75 dollars to do a full setup. Let me know if you still have questions.

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