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The most compelling way I can think of to demonstrate how using the wrong type of glue can cause some serious problems is to show you. Looking at the photos accompanying this article should be evidence enough.

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The first photo is what happens if the heat is to low or the wrong glue is used to put the fingerboard on the neck. See the cracked fingerboard? This is a result of not enough heat. perhaps the heat itself had not full warmed the neck all the way through or the wrong guitar glue was used. The truss rod shown is a cheap copy of a 2 way adjustable truss rod, which in itself is a good truss rod in design. As with anything, if it is poorly made, it has little or no benefits.

Fretboards themselves are very brittle. A crack or breakage is easy if you force it at all, simply put, with the correct amount of heat applied, it practically peals off with a sharp knife. If one must experiment, use a damaged or scrap neck to get a vibe on this procedure. Without being able to separate glued pieces of wood, you can’t fix a guitar. The wrong glue ruins everything, unless you have the nerve to go over 200 degrees.

Looking at this photoThe picture shows a completed truss rod replacement with the fingerboard reglued using Titebond Glue and the correct clamps for reassembly.

Another angle shows where the rosewood fingerboard is aligned perfectly and re-glued to the neck. The truss rod shown is a universal truss rod that needs to be cut to length and re-threaded to fit. Personally I like using 2 way adjustable truss rods. With minimal machining and time, one gets a better result all the way around.

The neck will be installed and then I will go through the basic setup procedure I do to all guitars before they leave the shop. If you are a DIYer, StewMac is an excellent professional store with tech service and friendly folks to purchase your supplies from, although many more stores supply the same stuff.

We recommend a competent luthier do these sort of hi-tech surgical procedures at Guitar Players Center, I compare it to open heart surgery on a human! At the point of successful replacement it is a good idea to read the article on neck evaluation and truss rod adjustment again before you finish your job.

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  1. A picture says a thousand words, Danny. Very interesting stuff. (Fortunately, you are not talking about other kinds of fallen trusses…:) )

  2. Doing some exploring and noticed your web site appears a bit messed up in my K-meleon world wide web browser. But thankfully hardly anybody uses it any longer but you may perhaps need to look into it.

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