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The subject discussed in my post today is somewhat troublesome.  It does not impress me in a positive manner how many brand new guitars need a guitar setup? The expensive name brand models are just as guilty as the cheap-o guitars. I don’t keep formal records, nevertheless, an alarming amount of guitar setup work I perform is on brand new electric guitars, and acoustic guitars. Meaning, the string height is set to high, and the action is carelessly measured at the factory. The reason I bring this matter up is it concerns me that  young, inexperienced guitar players give it up simply because the new guitar is not set to factory specifications: thus hard to play.

Many guitar players don’t know the difference. Nevertheless, I receive calls asking why their new guitar would play so poorly. I have no reasonable answer.  Ultimately, in my humble opinion, a new guitar should be adjusted to factory specs before it is shipped. And, the seller should make sure it plays perfectly before it is sold.

In each incident, my client (Experience Guitar Repair and Setup in Fort Pierce, Fl, 34982), had returned the instrument  to the place of purchase (the largest online guitar wholesaler), and ask why the guitar plays poorly.

In each instance, the guitar was returned to the place of purchase for warranty guitar set up adjustments. In each case the guitar was returned to the customer playing worse.

Guitar Center is a great place. I enjoy going there simply to play the expensive guitars. It is free, and fun. However, I noticed most of the expensive guitars play poorly probably because the guitar was not set to factory specs originally, or, perhaps an readjustment is necessary.

DIY: Guitar setup and maintenance DVD.

I think it would be in said companies best interest to deliver a costly instrument in perfect playing order. Guitar Center would benefit by employing an expert to check every guitar and adjust it to specs before it is sold, or, offer a discount to purchasers on a setup. Then send the guitar to a specialist to perform the service.

Of course this is a recommendation to send your poorly playing guitar to Experience Guitar Repair, Fl. 34982 and experience how much better a properly prepared guitar plays and sounds.

Don’t you agree with me? It would be nice to receive a new guitar set to perfect factory specs? Regardless of new, used or antique, for an affordable price, everyone using my services can immediately  feel a dramatic improvement in the sound and playability of their guitar. Call me anytime between 9am to 6 pm EST, or send me an email.  I enjoy helping people. Thank you.

Please go to my Guitar Setup Page and learn more. 

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  1. I agree with you for sure.

    Thanks for educating me about something I never thought about before!

  2. I concur, Guitar Setup, maintenance, and repair work by a guitar master who thinks outside the box is in many ways in your best interests. This guy is good.

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