Buy The Best Fender Stratocaster Guitar Neck for Your Strat for Less?

Learn How To Choose the Best Strat Neck For Your Guitar for Less.

The Fender Stratocaster has one type of guitar neck, we wanted to talk about that type today. It is a bolt on neck. Why, because the neck bolts on, and can be replaced with some simple tools and a cheap guitar repairs video lesson [which includes simple setup & upgrades too], all in the convenience of your home. Saves money too.

What differences can we expect when it comes to mounting a guitar neck? The two methods of preference are,

#1. Bolt on necks; Fender Stratocaster Guitars.

#2. Glue on necks; many other guitar brands.

Is one method of installation better? Other than the ease of exchange and variety of necks for a Strat, most of the preference is personal in terms of what type of guitar you prefer to play.

Bolt on necks are easier to replace and therefore easier to talk about. Fender Strats have bolt on necks. Using four bolts to secure the neck into the CNC (computer numerically controlled) or machined by a super accurate computerized tool, and then perfectly bolts to the body with four bolts as mentioned above. That sounds easy enough, that is if you go back with a stock replacement neck.
Simple enough, right? Now we can get dirty deep into Strat neck [ology]. You want a custom neck, or something that fits your hands better? Now is your chance to get the perfect fit, for you and the guitar.

The array of woods available is surprising and interesting. Both in terms of type of wood and cost. The shapes or curvature of the back of the neck includes six to nine styles, at least for a Stratocaster. Wide and deep for giant hands (SRV had giant hands), check out the “boatneck”. Or a narrow V-neck such as the Eric Clapton Strat, for for others hand sizes as well. Size and contour has a lot to do with your music style, particularly if you play (farmers chords) which is where you are playing a barre chord, but using your thumb on the low E string.

Then you must consider fret sizes. Ranging from narrow frets to huge super jumbo frets, which are my preference. Of less importance is the type of fret wire available. I definitely prefer standard wire, which is actually the same material as guitar string wire over the softer stainless steel or gold color fret wire.

Remember you can decide on a hand carved bone nut. Bone is the most irresistible material nuts can be made from. Read more.

Warmouth is one of the best guitar-resources for explaining the Anatomy of a Strat Neck and some of the custom choices available including: the Bindings, Conversion Necks, Finishes, Fret-board Radius, Heel Width & Mounting, Inlay/Custom Inlay, Neck Woods. Peg-head Veneer, Scalloping, and other purely custom options. But you can buy the neck you want cheaper in my Fender Stratocaster Guitar Neck Store, and any accessories as well. Don’t be bashful, take your time and browse around.

Don’t overpay a big name company for a Fender Stratocaster guitar neck. You can buy stock necks and custom necks in my store for less.

Guitar Players

Want to Install Your New Strat Neck by Yourself? Buy This Inexpensive Guitar Repair and Setup Video and Do It Yourself at Home. An in-depth, step-by-step course on how to set up your guitar in your own home using a few easy-to-use tools.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I can just see myself getting one neck off and not being about to get the other on!!

  2. For a fair price, GPC can replace the neck properly and with real craftsmanship. We can fix or upgrade any guitar, to your personal specs. Danny

  3. My question is, are there any guidelines for putting a new one on? For example, how tight to bolt, what order you tighten the bolts… or any others like that.

  4. Congrats! This article indexed by Google News for keyword “Stratocaster”. That’s how I found your blog. This article is very cool, as is your blog overall.


  5. I LOVE THIS SITE I feel like a kid at an amusement park!! =]

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  7. Matjaž Mehle


    are you have any testing free great head strat neck for mailing maybe? So this is only my question enquiry.

    Thank you,

    Matjaž M.

  8. yeah wormouth makes a great neck i replaced my tele neck [ 52 reissue ] with there compound radius boat neck nice and chunky!

  9. Willie Hayes

    i have a 1986 jackson from san dimas ca. want to replace neck due to cracked headstock. original neck is”rock hard maple” with “jet black ebony fretboard”
    jumbo frets of course. how do i get specs for buying a replacment of comparable quality?

  10. Willie Hayes

    I’m concerned with the custom radius matching the original floyd rose pro saddle config.

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