Before I forget, which I usually do, I wanted to show you a couple of pictures of a cracked Fender Resonator Guitar neck, with the biscuit style resonator. This particular guitar has extremely high action, being set-up as a lap steel guitar.

Resonator Guitar Neck Repair 9-09

At one time this guitar was set up for lap slide playing, which has extra high action. BTW, sometimes you have to buy an uncut piece of bone and cut it yourself in order to have a bone nut “tall” enough for the correct string height. Which is what I did when I set it up. As a matter of interest the piece of bone I used has some really beautiful natural markings on it. Another thing about making your own nuts from a piece of bone is that some bone is harder than others. Understanding this is an example: A turkey bone is way harder than a chicken bone. Picking the right type of bone affects tone primarily.

Anyway he has 16 gauge strings on it, which is common for lap steel guitar players, but pure hell on the amount of tension the strings put on the neck. Generally causing it to bow forward, which in many cases can be cured with a truss rod adjustment.

The guitar is older model and the wood in the neck started to stress split causing a tremendous bow in the neck. when you put 16 guage strings on any guitar, except a bass guitar, you stand a good chance of having the neck crack.

Examine the split in the neck, a screwdriver is holding it open:

Resonator Neck Repair 9-01-09 #2

In this case I will use a different glue than my normal, called WeldWood Resoursinol. A two part weatherproof boat glue. My intention is to use a glue which will add structural strength. I have fixed several necks split longitudinally, such as this, to this date my methods seem to work well. No re-occurrences. I’m going against what I preached in my article on guitar glues because if this does not work, we will get a new neck.

That being said, I’m very confident it will work great, I will then refinish the repaired area with a clear lacquer sanding primer, than put some matching color on the repaired area, wait a day and spray it with some fine clear glossy lacquer. At this point, the repair will be undetectable, unless you look real close. Some people think the repair area gives their guitar that “relic” look.

Realistically speaking, lacquer takes about 4 weeks to cure enough to fine wet sand and polish. My customer can bring it back in 30 days and wait while I sand it with a fine sand paper of 12000 grit, that’s right twelve thousand grit. Then I can polish it to a mirror smooth finish. Truthfully, most folks don’t return for the polishing, the neck smooths out mostly from playing the guitar.
Guitar Players Center will report back when I finish the job up in a  few weeks. Enjoy.

Done: See the finished Guitar Repairs on the Resonator Guitar

Danny Lehrman, Owner and Craftsman.

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