The Gibson Nighthawk was a short-lived electric guitar model lineup, manufactured by Gibson. The Nighthawk represented a radical change from traditional Gibson designs featuring many elements more commonly associated with Fender guitars. The Nighthawk superficially resembled the Les Paul, Gibson’s “trademark” guitar. It had a maple top, and mahogany body. Here it is for you folks who do their own Guitar Repairs and Upgrades.

This is an old wiring diagram for an original Gibson Nighthawk guitar with two (2) Pickup Guitar:

The Nighthawk was never a great commercial success; production of all models was discontinued in 1998. In July 2009 Gibson reintroduced the Nighthawk 2009.

The reason I’m posting this guitar wiring diagram is because one of my readers asked for it. It is an unusual request, and after searching through my highly unorganized pile of informational papers I actually found this one. Good luck.

I have a massive collection of all sorts of guitar information, I also know people who know a lot about guitars, like Buck of Bucks Guitar Modifications. I own and operate a one man guitar shop in my town called Experience Guitar Repair and Setup, so I’m an information guy. Information is power.

There are plenty of Vintage Guitars out there being sold cheap now, and lots of them need re-wiring. I get a lot of technical and electrical questions on this site, I have a new website specifically for guitar repairs and setup work. The website is for Experience Guitar Repair and Setup, the site is in it’s infancy, you can examine it if you want.

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I’m chock full of guitar information, some people just think I’m simply chock full of it! Either way, is happy to provide any sort of info you request. Just put it in the comment box and I’ll get back to you. Enjoy.

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