On this page you will find a wiring diagram for a Gibson SG-1, vintage 1995. This diagram is a drawing showing wiring instead of schematics since not everyone knows the symbols used in electronics.

This is a wiring diagram for a basic Gibson SG-1 circa 1995. It is adaptable to almost any Gibson guitar, so you may use this wiring setup on other Gibson guitars if you like.

We have several other diagrams for your convenience: Wiring for Stratocaster & Three-Pickup Guitars

If you are new to electronics please don’t take you amplifier apart thinking wiring guitars is all the knowledge you need. You will find a mess of wires in there that doesn’t even resemble a guitars’ wiring and you could damage your amp or yourself. Remember Your guitar doesn’t plug into a 120 volt wall socket !
See the Guitar Repairs and Upgrades: Wiring Diagrams for 2 Pickup Gibson Nighthawk post. Enjoy

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  1. This is great info, another site that I find helpful although somewhat humorous is guitarpickle.com check it out.

  2. I agree…excellent info!

  3. Hey Danny, thanks for the advice. I was just about to take my Peavy amp apart. Probably would have electrocuted myself.

  4. your blog is very good..friends

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