Remember this picture? Resonator Guitar Neck Repair 9-09

Last month I wrote an article on Guitar Repairs, specifically repairing a guitar neck on a Fender Resonator guitar with some stress cracks that finally split, causing the neck to bow forward. It had a relief of about 1/8 of an inch. Normally you want a flat neck or less than .015″ relief.

Here is the final product, less wet sanding and polishing. The lacquer I use needs 30 days to cure before I can sand and polish it. Although it is extremely hard to see because of the quality of the products I use.

Guitar Repair: Finished Resonator neck

Guitar Repair: Finished Resonator neck

Sorry for the poor picture. The guitar was restrung with 13 gauge lap steel strings, instead of the 16 gauge strings he was using. The man plays this as a lap steel guitar, although it was not designed to be used in that manner. It is almost unimaginable how much tension is put on the head of the guitar neck of a guitar with 9,10 or 11 gauge strings, let alone 16 gauge.

Lap steel guitars use a rectangular, squared off neck, which is much stronger than the traditional round back neck conventional guitar players use. With this in mind, my customer understood I could not guarantee anything other than 30 days on labor, only with 13 gauge strings. In the future if the neck cracks again, we will locate or I will make or adapt a real lap steel guitar neck to it.

I have rarely had a customer come back for polishing. They tell me the repair on the neck makes the guitar look like a relic, a guitar that has been used a lot! I guess that is a bonus.

I encourage folks who want to play a lap steel guitar to buy a lap steel guitar with the proper neck. As you can see, the proper neck is the most cost effective avenue in this case. Don’t forget, GuitarPlayersCenter is now offering Guitar Repairs putting our precision craftsmanship and lots of ‘love’ in every guitar repair or upgrade we make. Call 8-5 EST @ 1-772-979-2887.

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  5. Cheap Guitars

    Looks like a solid repair. I Have only sprayed lacquer on two guitars and have only made a small repair or two. I do a lot of woodworking( and play guitar for fun.

    I did a repair for a friend on an sg where the neck connected to the body and he just randomly screwed the neck back without even pre-drilling the holes not caring what it looked like or doing the repair right. Wow it was a mess!

    He was like ,it’s just a guitar. He left the guitar because we were going to play again later that week so I repaired it, gave the guitar a black worn look. I think it turned out good and he was very surprised and happy.


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  7. could someone tell me what the deviding line would be on fret height for redressing versus refretting?i have an american standard strat,like a low action and use 11 gauge ghs boomers if this makes any differnence.


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