Guitar Neck Repairs-Epiphone

Guitar Neck Repairs-Epiphone

This is an Epiphone Les Paul Studio guitar with a Floyd Rose Tremolo with a locking nut. The guitar repairs my customer wants are: the locking nut removed, and then replaced with a bone nut. Very doable, the nut has to set in the end of the guitar neck at the exact correct scale length for this guitar, 24 3/4 inches from nut to bridge . The area where the locking nut resided is wider than a bone nut, therefore requiring the need to make a small spacer out of rosewood to fill the gap behind the new hand carved bone nut. The tremolo fixed, no big deal, it only needs a string lock screw. And a good old fashioned full setup job with some 10 gauge strings.

I already have the tremolo screws and bone nut blanks. BTW: A Hand Carved Bone nut is my favorite choice in nut materials. I recommend it to anyone who brings in a guitar for repair and needs a nut. Bone in itself is not all the same in terms of color or hardness. Some bone material is harder than other bone material. For instance, a turkey bone is much harder than a chicken bone. Not that bone nuts are made out of the above examples. However it is worthy of note. Cow or buffalo bone is excellent. Sometimes I get a piece of bone that has beautiful natural grains of color in it that looks really cool after the nut is polished.

Guitar Repairs-Floyd Rose Tremolo

Guitar Repairs-Floyd Rose Tremolo

The tremolo has a broken string tightening screw. If you look at the picture of the tremolo you only see 5 string screws. Hopefully it will come out easily. I have a new set of six screws, and will change all six screws. After I’m done I’ll get back with you and show the wood spacer and bone nut replacement work.

The relief will be set to the proper specs, which is a flat neck, or no relief. Ideally most necks should be setup as close to flat as possible. The most relief acceptable, or forward bow, is roughly .015″ or less. Obviously there is some room for adjustment as the full setup is being completed. Final relief is set after the frets are leveled, the nut is made and the strings are on the guitar. Ninety nine percent of the time the relief will fall in the correct specifications. On occasion some manipulation of the specs are necessary due to certain variables found in materials such as wood.

I’ll have to wait and check the electronics after the guitar is finished and strung up. I’ll be back in a few days to show you the finished product. Interested in the best Fender Stratocaster¬† Guitar Neck? A lot of folks have used the aforementioned article as their guide to choosing the best guitar neck for their Strats. We have plenty of guitar repairs articles posted for your convenience on our website. Enjoy.

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  3. I don’t know much about guitar repairs but I sure like the idea of a bone nut!!

  4. Denise Salley

    Please, keep up the awesome work and continue to post topics like this. I am old fan of your blog!

  5. As the owner of several Epiphone guitars that need nut replacement, I was disappointed by this article, which starts out with the nut mysteriously missing from the guitar. The tricky part of the project is the (hopefully delicate) removal of the standard factory installed Epi nut without damaging the guitar. Heat it, pop it off with a razor-sharp chisel, steam or solvent? We’ll never know, because this article deals with replacement of a locking nut on a tremelo equipped guitar with a bone nut! A project as commonplace as installing toaster pickups on a classical guitar, or perhaps putting a telecaster bridge on a strat.

    I pored over this “detailed” account. But I still need to get my nuts off.

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