Remember The Pretty Black Walnut Guitar Tone Wood Log?

I spent weeks and months Google Searching for someone with the capability to cut my black walnut log into 2 inch thick boards and having zero luck. I ditched the idea for a while. It’s almost enough to reduce a grown man to tears. So with the upcoming trimming of a few trees in our yard. I decided to ask the tree man if he could rip that log into boards.

So I asked the tree man if he could cut the log into boards. “Sure can” he said. It’s a good thing I had them cut into two and a half inches thick planks, we will need every inch of wavy plank to get the desired thickness of one and three quarters of an inch thick (1 3/4″).

Looking at the pictures you can see how beautiful the wood grain is, and what a poor job of cutting. If you click the pictures they should enlarge. I saved the sawdust, about 10 pounds worth.

After deciding which part of the wood is the prettiest I will have employ a jointer and then a planer to get each plank 100 percent square, then plane the planks to exactly 1 3/4″ thickness. The planks will have to be cut to size and then glued together and clamped tight for a week or so before the machining process starts.

Once the glue is 100% dry, it will be cut to the final body size. Then I will need the use of a Strat body template to cut and route the block of wood into a Stratocaster body pattern. And the machining will continue as I keep you updated.

Plenty of thought will go into the pickups, and electronic controls. I already know about the neck, it will be a AAA Birdseye Maple Soft V stock headstock Strat neck, with a 25 1/2′ scale length. I like the Sperzel locking tuners as an upgrade on my Mexican Strat, so I’ll use a set of them probably.

I listed a few related articles below to complete this post. Enjoy.

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