I don’t go looking for this kind of stuff. By the time I do my blogging for an online automotive engine and transmission supply company and then try to put together a blog for Guitar Players Center, my brain is worn out. So when I get done with business, I look for some NFL Washington Redskins news, turn off my computer and play the guitar.

Check this kid out. If you like him follow him to You Tube and see more of him. It seems funny to me that I ran across this video after writing my last post on older guitar players.

This young man goes beyond any other videos or phenoms I have run across including Quinn Sullivan and Chris.. What about you?

Well, what do you think? GuitarPlayersCenter.com

6 Responses to Young Guitar Player, Tallan Latz, Proves My Point…

  1. Amazing kid!! Hope his life can stay happy and true to his guitar!!

  2. Cheap Guitars

    Amazing! I’m sure we will be seeing more of him throughout the years to come.

    If you get better with time and experience, just think what he will do as time goes by.

  3. you play very good bleus.I never see guys like you!

    I want to now you e-mail

  4. Amazing little boy. What a gift my friend.

  5. Very nice. A blues man with not a worry in the world…..got to be nice.

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