Stratocaster-Jeff's Favorite Guitar

Stratocaster-Jeff's Favorite Guitar

I like to look through the New York Times music and arts section in the morning while I eat breakfast. Along with the Washington Post, those are the best Newspapers for me. The New York paper is full of concert reviews from some heavy performers. It seems like it never ends. New York must be the mecca for performing arts. Even though I lived my first 26 years in Washington D.C., I have lived in a small town in Florida for 30 years.

Everything changes so fast in those towns. I have only been to New York once, and don’t remember much of it, but D.C. changes, it is in a constant state of construction and evolution. That statement leads me to the subject on my mind. Jeff Beck. When you talk about construction and evolution, Jeff Beck is always in that state of mind too. He is really interesting guy even if you eliminate guitars.

Considered to be the greatest living electric guitarist in the world. You can’t leave out Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy when you bring up great living guitarists.

I was reading an article in the New york Times last night about Jeff Beck and Guitar Hero, at the end of the post, Jeff Beck was my Guitar Hero. You probably know how much I think Guitar Hero sucks, if you are a regular reader.

I’m so refreshed that Jeff Beck, the man I have known about and listened to since the 60’s, telling Guitar Hero to bite off. I have vinyl records of Jeff Beck. One thing about Jeff Beck is that he is unpredictable and a man who does his own thing. Just because it is fashionable for rock stars and guitar players to make a pact with G.H., well, us guitar players know that is not even close to a replacement for guitar lessons.

I said it, ‘guitar lessons’, now here I go for a second….You know how I feel about guitar lessons for beginners too, since I write about that a lot now. It is pretty interesting stuff, mega online guitar lessons and who is just throwing up a site to make some doe, and who really has teaching the guitar down. Anyway, I enjoy it and if you are looking a guitar lessons for beginners course, I think this is a great way to learn and master the guitar.

Back on track. Make sure you read the Jeff Beck article in the New York Times, it is a very informing article for everyone, there was some good info I did not know of. Enjoy the article and Happy Valentines Day.

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  1. Ha ha! Good old Jeff Beck re: Guitar Hero.
    Nice little Epiphone stack there 🙂

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