left an a permanent stamp on the world. His place as the most influential and innovative guitarist of this generation or any era is carved in stone. Literally, Jimi was creating the vocabulary for all guitar players, while redefining the parameters of electric blues.

Jimi Hendrix Voodoochild

Jimi Hendrix could not read or write music, still he was the hardest working student of the guitar, hypnotized by the sounds he heard on the radio and records. His roots came from the Delta blues of Muddy Waters. His intense musical sounds curiosity propelled him to throw out a larger blanket, blending styles and elements into rock ‘n’ roll.

Jimi will always be the person who had the greatest influence on every guitarist ever. Only the test of time will prove it. His outer space vibes and lyrics will forever be the primary reason the music slate is wide open for every electric guitar player today. Even if you don’t know it.

I’m convinced that Jimi was every bit the genius Beethoven was. In another fifty years the proof will be etched in granite. RIP Jimi.

Guitar Players Center is happy to display and offer this picture to you for free. Copy and paste or save it. A momento of the greatest guitarist, lyricist and musician we have ever known. Enjoy.

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  2. Thanks for the poster and music, Danny. Jimi lives!

  3. Thanks for the pic, Danny. Jimi rocks and always will!

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  5. Great post Danny, love that picture! I still have a Vaughan/Hendrix Sketch with your name on it! Waiting on an addy!

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