Les Paul is one of the two legends that pioneered the development of the solid-body electric guitar (Leo Fender was the other) which is one of the reasons the rock and roll vibe lives on and has become quite the standard of music for our generation. His overall genius was the foundation for most of the recording innovations we enjoy and use today, including overdubbing, delay effects such as “sound on sound” and tape delay, phasing effects and multitrack recording.

Here is a video made in 1988 of Les Paul demonstrating an invention he dreamed up in 1944. He simply called it his “Little Blackbox” or the Les PaulVerizer.

This is a must see video. Les Paul has a captivating personality and is an entrancing performer. No way I can describe his invention better than “the man” himself . Oh, by the way he has a special guest appear during this video. His guest never played a Les Paul guitar, but we all know and love this Artist.

Les Paul was a hell of a guitar player. He probably didn’t get the notoriety he deserved as a guitarist. He was to busy inventing tools for the modern electric guitar. His place in guitar and rock history is probably etched permanently on the top.

Enough said, Check this Guitar Video out of  The LesPaulverizer

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Les Paul died on August, 13, 2009.

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8 Responses to Les Paul Guitarist and Inventor of the Les PaulVerizer.

  1. Les Paul is a great guitar player and inventor. I think he still plays in New York.

  2. This article reminds of the Gibson guitar museum in Memphis…right off Beale Street. It’s actually their factory but you can get a tour and they have exhibits. Really interesting. And it’s next door to the Rock N’ Soul museum of American music, run by the Smithsonian. Amazing places!

  3. Another great article! My mother listens to WGN out of Chicago in the middle of the night, she loves when Les Paul is on with Steve and Johnnie!

  4. Les Paul still plays in spite of suffering from arthritis. I was at a guitar show this past weekend and met Bill Hollenbeck who is a master builder of archtop guitars. He related a story about Les Paul’s early experiments with multi track recording. He would record directly to disk. Then, he would record his next track on top of the original to get multiple tracks! Of course, any mistake meant he had to start the entire process over again. According to Mr. Hollenbeck it drove the music executives nuts trying to figure out how he did it.

  5. Sadly, looks the video was deleted

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  8. Damn, Zakk is without a doubt a flipping magnificent electric guitar player. My pal in law kept informing everybody I needed to look him up at Youtube and darn is definitely extraordinary

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