Les Paul

Les Paul

Les Paul, 94, a Grammy Award-winning world class guitar player and inventor of the solid-body electric guitar who helped bring this instrument to the forefront of jazz and rock-and-roll performance, died Aug. 13 at a hospital in White Plains, N.Y. He had pneumonia.

We were lucky that a guy like Les Paul was born. Few other people in history have accomplished so much positive stuff and had such a positively dramatic effect on the world. Usually those titles are held by Nobel Peace Prize winners or Doctors or scientists like Jonas Salk, who was an American medical researcher and virologist, best known for his discovery and development of the first safe and effective polio vaccine. Or Scottish bacteriologist Alexander Fleming (1881–1955), who invented Penicillin. Of which many of us would not even be here if not for antibiotics.

Then you have ‘cats’ like Albert Einstein who invented the atomic bomb, but had no way to prove it back then. These people had the raw, instincts and brilliance to give the world the great things mentioned above. We can only look forward to more people of this caliber.

Les Paul’s inventions started and fueled a new generation of guitars with electrical amplification and a solid wood body, called an electric guitar. It had the new and exciting sounds Les Paul was looking for, but could not find, so he developed his own equipment.

I think it’s important to note that LP was a gifted guitar player. Check out any YouTube video of him playing. It will drop your jaw.

Music is the universal language, it touches everyone, look how many folks play the guitar, at any level. Les Paul should be recognized for his contributions to the world being just as important as any of the above inventions. Music brings us together, especially electric guitar music.

I’m sorry that the YouTube video in my Les Paulverizer post is disabled. It is a really cool video of Les Paul demonstrating his invention, the Black Box.

When a guy like Les Paul dies, inevitably there will be millions of obituaries and articles written on this great man. Why not read about Les Paul’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for a fun note to remember him by. I did not want to repeat the same rhetoric, I just wanted to thank him and let every guitar player that is alive today know that we have a lot to thank Les Paul for. Rip.

4 Responses to Les Paul, Guitar Player, Inventor, World Changer Dead at 93…

  1. It’s sad, such a great man is gone, but never forgotten, his guitars will carry his name all over the world…

  2. Love your point of view! Right on the money!

  3. Only recently heard about this and was very saddened. A great man.

  4. Les Paul will be greatly missed by all who owe so much to his inventions. But seriously, he couldn’t have made a more light weight guitar, a modern Les Paul is still like forty pounds, standing on stage all night and playing that bad boy takes a real man.

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