Guitar Players, want your site to rank?

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I started my blogging in mid 2006, in October of 2007 was when I found a company who knew how to get a site ranked in the top 10 queries of a Google search, (relatively speaking) fast. Before that, the only bloggers that got noticed or made any money from their blogs, were the ones selling me something such as ‘Get Rich Overnight and Work at Home’ type of books.

So after following instructions unconditionally from my SEO chief, I’m getting good rankings. At least for the last 6 months or more, If you type in guitar players in the Google Search, as I’m typing this post, Guitar Players Center is the top query out of 48,000,000 plus queries.

The company is Jeff is a brilliant guy and has special instincts for what Google will do next. He has treated me like a king and given me way more than I ever expected for my dollar.

The point I want to discuss is that I get asked questions all the time now, how does Guitar Players Center get such good rankings in Google so fast. I work hard at it, that is my first answer. I am not sure why people think SEO is so easy and should be free or cheap. PPC is easy but it is expensive.

With that in mind, I can’t give out advise on SEO because I’m not enough of an expert to be an educator. I may be giving bad advise! I know enough to do it myself and Jeff is always giving me new tactics to use. Anyway, when I mention SEO takes a bunch of knowledge and content writing and God Forbid, costs money, all of a sudden minds change fast. They want free info. If you want free info read the SEO design solutions blog. It is free.

The bottom line is if you want quality SEO, pay for it. I’m going after ‘guitar repairs‘ next, since I own a small guitar repair shop. Then I’m going after ‘used guitars‘ since I have some nice and affordable used guitars for sale, cheap.

I hope you all get the picture, it takes a lot of concentration, education and desire to rank using SEO. There ain’t no free lunches out there. My secret to success in any endeavor I under take is passion and persistence. I am very passionate and persistent about playing my guitar and fixing guitars and the Washington Redskins. I was passionate and persistent when I owned my transmission shop for 26 years, to be the best. And now I want to be persistent about ranking in the top ten for used guitars and guitar repairs in the next year.

You wait and see, Google Used Guitars and Guitar Repairs in a year. It won’t be hard to find me. Guitar Players Call 1-772-979-2887 for more information on anything guitars..

7 Responses to Guitar Players, want your site to rank?

  1. Well you are quality and may you get more and more quantity responses from your efforts.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Danny. Quality, post frequency and site architecture is the key, after that its only a matter of citation and time.

    Your site has accomplished all of those critical metrics in record time. From naught to top 5 in under 700 days.

    It’s all perspective.

    Thanks Bro…

  3. Good work Danny, Your focus and concentration skills never cease to amaze me.

  4. Congratulations, Danny! It’s a tough thing to put a site in front of 48.000.000 other sites!

  5. Great! You got your plan all laid out. Yes, it’s really hard to rank in google, and with a little perseverance and hard work, you will see the results. What you sow, you reap. Good luck! 🙂

  6. I love your attitude!!!

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