Guitar players guide for buying collectible guitars.

  1. Exercise caution when speculating on collectible guitars. Retail dealers will sell them at market price and buy back the collectibles at pennies on the dollar depending on the market.
  2. Insurance and storage costs can eat up the investment gains over a period of many years.
    Do not buy into collectible markets all at once. Guitars are not traded or scrutinized on a public exchange system, so values may be hard to determine.
  3. Do not buy collectibles with money you may need now. A guitar can be hard to unload fast in this economy if you need emergency cash.
  4. Try to avoid putting lots of money into popular collectibles, the prices will become inflated because every one else didi too.
  5. Buy collectible guitars you enjoy playing, at least when it comes to guitars. At least enjoyment can make price fluxuations somewhat bearable.

As a matter of interest,  a 1959 Vintage Sunburst Gibson Les Paul was worth 55,000 dollars in 1991, now it’s worth 420,000 dollars, if the market was healthy..

That is what I would consider before I laid out a bunch of doe for a collectible guitar. For me, I’d rather make my own collectible or relic guitar by playing it a lot. Or, building my own guitar, which I’m in the process of doing at a slow rate. Perhaps you read my post on the big Black Walnut log I procured for the job. Good Luck and Enjoy..

3 Responses to Guitar Players: Before you buy that collectible guitar…

  1. When I was a teenager I bought a gold Les Paul with S holes for just $400 new. I never played it (I never owned an amp) and let it go for half that maybe 15 years later. I understand that guitar is worth a great deal today, so now I have trouble letting any guitar I own go lest I let it go to early and for too cheap. hehe

  2. Great, pithy advice!!

  3. Important advice in this day and age. Buyer beware!

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