Guitar Player: Chris does “Lenny” ala SRV…

Posted by: Daniel R. Lehrman Posted in: Guitar Players

Check out Chris Playing Stevie Ray Vaughan “Lenny”. This was from a comment I recieved recently on my “Lenny” guitar post. Sorry, the actual video HTML has been disabled, but the video is a must watch however you get to it. The link works.

There is not much to say about it, just listen and have your mind blown. What a guitar player. I’m jealous!

Chris is only 14 years old, I think that is about when SRV started to play professionally in the Texas night spots. I expect and hope to hear this young mans name in the future, not to many people can catch the SRV vibe as purely and naturally as this kid.

Enjoy and let me know what you think. Thanks to the kind individual who made the comment. When I e-mailed you, it bounced back. Have a nice day and enjoy..

4 Responses to Guitar Player: Chris does “Lenny” ala SRV…

  1. Very good playing , thanks for posting, Danny!

  2. Amazing how many lives he touched even to this day!

  3. Wow! What a find. I found many other SRV and Hendrix songs this kid does beautifully, on youtube.
    Thanks Danny.

  4. Great find, Danny. This young man has a lot of maturity in his playing, like and old soul coming out of a young body!!


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