Yesterday, the 26th of April 2010 I had surgery on left elbow. Piece of cake. Like a great guitar player, the doc did a perfect job on a song he has practiced many times, ‘cubital tunnel syndrome’. Ever heard of it?

In English that means the ulnar nerve (crazy bone nerve), is being compressed as it passes through the cubital tunnel in the elbow. It causes your little finger and pinkie finger to feel like its asleep all the time. A loss of strength is another symptom. Not a good vibe for a guitarist.

I believe in modern medicine and went to a very competent orthopedic surgeon. Dr. F. performs his job with the precision of another master of his trade, Jeff Beck. Flawless, never misses a note or beat, performing his job with a natural ability that can’t be taught. Well, I hope the doc went to Medical school! He is well educated and he did a great job on my wife’s repairs a few years ago. Even my fingers feel better today, and I have more strength than before surgery.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. My younger sister had carpal tunnel surgery yesterday about 1000 miles north of here in Florida, crazy. She had a successful operation too. In three weeks I’ll have my shoulder fixed, I’m sure that will be a more difficult procedure, but I’m ready.

By Thursday I hope to be holding my guitar again. I’m ready, in fact I have been practicing the guitar more than usual because I expect not to be able to play for a week or more after my shoulder repairs and the weather is perfect for playing the blues in the garage. The Marshall JCM600 Combo is another good reason to play outside, since it’s way to much for the house.

Until I can play guitar again I’ll be putting more time into my learn to sight read music education to make up for not being able to play.

This was small issue to me in terms of my overall health. Realistically speaking, I was not crazy about surgery and hoped the doctor has other thoughts, but I don’t like to play games with my health.

I want to shout out to all of the team at the surgery center for being so nice to me and Dr. Forster for being a jam up doctor. He would have been a heck of a transmission mechanic. As I was leaving, the Doc yelled at me ”you’ll be playing the piano in no time”. Now I’m scratching my head thinking as I walk out, hum, I never played a piano before. I hope you enjoyed the broccoli Dr.!

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