Guitar Player Buddy Guy is 73 years old.

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Not that it is a big secret, Buddy Guy, Blues Guitar Player supreme is 73 years old on July 30th 2009. By the time you read this he may be 73 years and one day old. I don’t need to expound on the virtues of Buddy Guy. If you like the blues, you like Buddy Guy, even if you don’t know who he is.

He may be the greatest electric guitar Blues guitarist of all time (except for Jimi Hendrix, of course). His influence on most of my favorites, such as Stevie Ray Vaughan are easy to hear by listening to few SRV songs. Eric Clapton calls him the greatest Blues guitarist ever. That is a mouthful coming from Eric Clapton.

I won’t take up any more time. I have written plenty on Buddy Guy and have been to see him in concert twice. Buddy Guy is the blues in concert. Every note he hits, every word he speaks is of the deep dark dirty rotten blues. You can vibe up on Eric Clapton also, as if you don’t know everything about him already.

Enjoy and celebrate Buddy Guys birthday. I know I will. Stay tuned for my next post coming in a few days. And read some of the articles on Buddy Guy and Eric Clapton mentioned above. Enjoy. This is one of my favorites….

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  1. So cool he is still rocking!! Hope I am when I’m 73!

  2. I really enjoy the vidoes you imbed on your site Danny. Buddy Guy is great and has a very tight band, and a nice jump suit, which reminds me of my old Uncle Harold who came to visit from Canada also in a jump suit.

  3. Buddy and the Juniors, remember them? Nice article, Danny.

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