Glen Donnellan Bat Violin

Glen Donnellan Bat Violin

Perhaps this was mostly a local news item, I don’t know for sure, we only get TV during the Football season so I can watch the Washington Redskins. I heard about this on NPR a few days ago, so I went to YouTube to check it out, I was shocked and somewhat speechless. He is a violinist with the NSO (National Symphony Orchestra) and was a major league HIT Saturday night, playing the Star Spangled Banner on a baseball bat before the game between the Washington Nationals and Arizona Diamondbacks.

Glenn Donnellan used an electric violin that he hand-made from a Derek Jeter regulation model baseball bat, he bought at a local sporting goods store.

Donnellan who’s played with the NSO since 1997, said he met Robert Tanenbaum, one of the Washington Nationals’ baseball team owners, at an orchestra concert and told him he’d like to play the game-opening music on his bat-fiddle.

It’s weird in a way that the 40th anniversary of Woodstock is here, where Jimi Hendrix played his “unique” version of the Star Spangled Banner.

Donnellan said he went to the Sports Authority with his fiddle one day after work, held it up to the bat, and it looked about right.

After watching a YouTube video of Donnellan’s unique, solo performance, Tanenbaum thought it would be a great pregame idea.

When anthem time approached the skies threatened rain, but did not bother Donellan or his bat, since It is all battery operated, so if it rains, he won’t fry.

The normally restless fans and players too, went nuts as the “The Star-Spangled Banner” reached its peak, showing lots of appreciation at the version of the National Anthem they just heard.

What do you think? Members of the orchestra have to sight read music and play within the parameters (in the box) of classical music. This gentleman can play out of the box too.

FYI, I attended a Washington Nationals game last month when I went to Maryland to see my parents. To bad he didn’t play then.

Don’t just listen, but watch him saw that bat in half while he lights it up, and then make your own decision. Enjoy

3 Responses to Glenn Donnellan is not a guitar player, but he hit a Big home run anyway…

  1. I saw this piece in the Wash Post and thought it was great! Wish I had been there, too.

  2. Wow that looks and sounds pretty amazing, if you close your eyes while hearing this solo, you could swear it sound like an electric guitar.
    cool stuff though, keep it up.

  3. Cheap Guitars

    I think it sounded great. I would love to have one to play with.

    I can see it only has 4 strings but I wonder what it would sound like playing with a guitar pick?


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