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Guitar Player

Guitar Player

Who are Americas favorite unknown guitar players? What a great show that would be. I have been watching very closely the show “So You Think You Can Dance”. The last episode was on Wednesday. I picked the winner when it got down to the top ten finalists. When they announced him, Russell, I jumped with happiness, almost like when the Washington Redskins score a touchdown or win a game. It was exciting, to say the least.

With the advent of reality shows for singers and dancers, and the unknown people who have an opportunity to make it big, why not a show for ‘Americas Favorite Guitar Players’? “So you think you can play the guitar”? I think it would be a great show.

The level of talent the dancers were blessed with and worked hard for, as the field is narrowed down to the top twenty then top ten competitors is almost nil. After going through months of performing on the show, these dancers become highly trained performers, capable of performing almost every dance style at the highest level. With the benefit of some of the best choreographers in the country, every one of them is prepared for a professional career after the show ends.

You already know how famous most of the top ten singers on American Idol have become. I’m not in the dance field, although I loved the show, or a singer, you can ask anyone that knows me, I am not a singer. I am not a good enough guitar player to make it to the top 1000. Can you imagine the amount of terrific guitarists that would compete?

Who would you choose to be the judges? That is a tough question? I would go with Jeff Beck guitarist, for the electric guitar judge. Jeff is probably the most skilled and gifted , living, electric guitarist in the world. What about acoustic electric finger-picking guitarists or classical guitarists. You make the suggestions.

Can a classical guitarist be trained to play some rock tunes? Can a high energy blues guitar player learn some classical guitar vibes? If the dance show is an indicator, than yes. Part of the beauty of ‘So you think you can dance’ is that every performer comes to the show with a dance style they specialize in. When they leave, they are capable of performing any dance style at a high level.

Trying to imagine all of Americas unknown guitar players in Austin, Texas is beyond my comprehension. What about Chicago blues? I am obviously choosing blues guitarists, there is a whole world of players who choose a different genre of music. I love all guitar music, even classical!

It’s up to you to help me get the vibe out for a guitar players reality show. If you have a favorite social site, than please share this article. Tweet it, Stumble it, Facebook it, My space it or choose the social site you enjoy most. With some help from all of my regular readers and new readers, lets see if we can’t get our own “Americas Favorite Guitar Player” show on TV soon.…Enjoy. Photo by Clifton Smith

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