The Perfect Jam Session

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About 3 months ago our jam session group had to disband. What a drag. So a good time we had and the interaction with other players was a great learning tool and fun, fun, fun. Last night we started to jam again.

We met indirectly through a quirk of fate. I’m not embarrassed to say this either. I had a colonoscopy done about a month ago, no big deal really. It is an important procedure for anyone over 50 years old to get. That being said, when I awoke in the recovery room, the nurse standing there and I started to talk guitars, I don’t know why, I was a bit dizzy! During the course of the conversation it ended up with her hooking us up with the Colby’s. By the way, the nurse, Sheri plays the guitar too. Note: My test results were negative.

To continue on, through emails and telephone calls we arranged to get together with the Colby’s to become acquainted with them and jam. It took about ten minutes to realize that Allen Colby is the person I have been looking for to jam with for a long time, and to make it better, they live two blocks away!

My wife and I drove over and after we exchanged pleasantries, we got our guitars out, tuned them up together and started to jam. My wife is a mean finger-picker.

For once, I have found a person who is in my age range of 55 years old and is a Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan addict. Still living and enjoying the ’60’s vibe. Nice! He has some great chops and plays the blues with a lot of emotion and feeling. No drummer or bass player last night. Fortunately he had about a million backing tracks on hand and we played for a few hours. Lots of Hendrix, such as Voodoochild (slight Return). Red House, Little Wing, Pride and Joy and various other blues improvisation.

The “guitar room” was excellent, well set up and orderly. I said to my wife before we left that I would bet her 1 cent he has a Peavy Classic 30 Amp. He had two of them, so she owes me 2 cents!

Peavy Classic 30 Amps

2-Peavy Classic 30 Amps

His masterpiece amplifier is a Bogner Head with an Avatar 2×12 speaker cabinet. Now you are talking sweet sounds here.

Bogner Amp Head

Bogner Amp Head

In conclusion, What a great day it was yesterday. I can see walking over to Allen’s house every night to play. I know he is just as exited as I am to have a jam partner. We know how useful jamming is at Guitar Players Center especially for beginners, but more important is the interaction and fun we all have. Everyone is there to have fun, your level of skill is not an issue ever. Find or get a jam club going, you will find lots of willing people and become a better player. Do you belong to a jam club? Tell us about it. Enjoy and please Share.

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  1. Allan Colby

    Hey Danny, thanks so much for the kind words. I, too, had a great time. I’ll try and organize the backing tracks better next time, and very much looking forward to it!!
    My Bogner is a Shiva reverb head, with EL34 power tubes, and I love it. I lean more towards the Marshall end of the sound spectrum, and this amp has it in spades. Even better when you can crank it up somewhat and get the tubes heated.
    Many thanks again for stopping by with lovely Adena(hope I spelled her name right). We’ll hopefully do it again real soon.

  2. Pzychotropic

    Nice story! It’s one the best feelings in the world to find people to have a good old jam with.
    I’m not sure I want to have a colonoscopy in order to meet new guitar buddys tho’ 😉
    I’m still stuck with using headphones most of the time – If I try and practice with my Soundcity 50 plus tube amp, the hum is loud enough to wake the neighbours! hee hee!

  3. Pzychotropic, If a colonoscopy is what it takes, so be it! how is your guitar playing going?

  4. Allan, it was a guess as to whether you spelled your name with an e or an a.

  5. Real nice article Danny.

  6. Hi Sweet as article and sometimes we can meet people under the most unusuall circumstances but it sounds like you had a great time. Yes you are right Pzychotropic it is a great feelings to find people to have a good old jam with. Go for it and have fun!

  7. Gavin, We meet the best folks in the most unusual ways. Thanks for your comment

  8. Loved this story! Happy ending medically and musically (and spiritually)! Enjoy the jams!

  9. Hi Danny,we sure do I have been checking out some of the other posts and threads and this is a really great place. How long you been playing guitar?

  10. Allan Colby

    Danny, you can spell my name any way you like, I answer to a lot worse names, lol!!
    Looking forward to Saturday night, I need to beef up on some SRV!!!
    See you then, Allan.

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