Online Guitar Lessons in Terms You Understand.

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Jamtrax now offers thousands of guitar lesson and tuition products available for every category of music or skill level, Lick Library has a more products than one could use in a lifetime.

My opinion is based on the excellent organization of each lesson and the highly skilled and knowledgeable teachers. Read about each of the contributors different educational backgrounds and learn about their professional backgrounds. A very impressive collection of artist/teachers.

Jamtrax is available in several forms. There have many well thought out programs with artists and songs you would not even dream were available to learn how to play. The ease of finding the music, backing tracks to a song (an excellent tool), DVDs and tablature makes it quite fast to find exactly what you are looking for.

There is a lot more to Licklibrary than lessons. They have the biggest array of products I have ever seen, including different styles of technique books and informational books with chord charts and DVDs to improve your chops. Even for players who have been around. Face it, we all can learn more or become better players.

My personal learning experience is fairly simple. I see my teacher every week and we go over last weeks/ months/ years vibe or learn something new. I have a great teacher. But, if I moved or something happened where I could not take lessons from my teacher (Richard Mac) than Jamtrax is my first choice.

Our overall opinion at Guitar Players Center is that most lessons are a scam. I’m a bit old fashioned in my thoughts on learning to play the guitar, however, the new and complete hi tech way to teach guitar will bring you and myself into the now and future of the guitar lesson scene.

Note: It’s important to mention that if you need to go over your lesson or part of it, this method allows you to go over all or any part of the lesson you feel like reviewing again. Meaning you don’t need to wait a week to see your teacher at your next lesson. It’s nice to be able to go over any part any time. You will probably learn faster also!

The Jamtrax from Licklibrary are the real deal. Plus, you can get your doe back if you don’t like it. It’s very affordable compared to visiting a teacher every week.

It may sound like an old saying, but you can play like Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC and almost anyone you can think of. Enjoy.

Let me know how you like the lessons you chose. Thanks.

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    Love the informative blogs — learn something new and different each time. Keep it going!

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    Unbelievable!! Just what I need to keep my mind always thinking!

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