Star Spangled Banner: Jimi Hendrix

Star Spangled Banner: Jimi Hendrix

We had a blast on the 4th of July, my wife and the dogs and I. We had a low key day, just sat back and grooved on a rainy day (Jimi Hendrix). You should listen to the song if you have not, because Jimi and I both agree on how to spend a rainy day. So why is this post about a few guitar lessons with Steve Vai?

First off, I figured out how to hook up my little (bad ass) MacBook computer to our (6 years old LCD TV). Then I plugged the computer into the accessories output on my stereo and, click bang, we had a 32″ or 37″ monitor (I don’t remember and I’m to lazy to look) . Nice. Like a small miracle. We watch our favorite shows one day late for free on the computer for 6 months a year.

We only turn the TV service on so I can watch every Redskins football game. Perhaps I can buy the NFL package for computer use!! That would be the bomb, because we all know the Skins will win the super bowl this year!

But yesterday we were watching YouTube videos of various artists playing Jimi Hendrix songs. In particular ”Little Wing”, one of his greatest accomplishments. We watched G-3 with Satriani, Malmsteen and Vai. I love the G-3 vibes, but I like it more with Eric Johnson instead of Yngwei. Every one of those guys plays the guitar like we all wish we could. But Steveie Vai seems to have the Jimi ‘independent’ vibe.

There is something very special about the way Steve Vai plays Hendrix songs. It is in the Jimi Hendrix ”I’m doing it my way” mentality. It’s hard to put an exact finger on it, but his Hendrix shit sounds so much like the way Jimi played songs in his own experimental manner. Everything Jimi did was new and experimental at the time.

You know that Steve Vai is considered an experimental guitar player. He is not classified as rock guitarist or a blues guitar player either. He is so off the wall with his pedal usage and guitar vibe, he can play any style with emotion and heart. Steve does some wacky stuff, you can find it on (you guessed it) YouTube.

So, we laid back and grooved on our rainy day being blown away by Jimi Hendrix and Steve Vai. Try it, you will like it. 32 or 37 inches of computer monitor is a mind blower. Can you imagine watching on an eighty inch TV?

There are not many people I would take guitar lessons from, you already know that by my writings on online guitar lessons, but Vai would be the man if I had a chance. Experimental, I like that. Watch some Steve Vai doing Jimi Hendrix songs, let me know. I bet you see exactly what I do. The man, in my opinion is the best living guitarist today, that includes Jeff Beck.

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