Rhythm guitar methods exposed..

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For all practical purposes, guitar players for the most part are never happy with their current playing skills. Work harder, practice more, play that exercise one more time, until your old lady can’t take it anymore. In a recent post on A Logical Approach to Rhythm, I spoke about the breakthrough points of acquiring this fundamental skill and some techniques to obtain it.

It may be hard to believe this, however I might as well admit it now. Rhythm kicks my butt. It is a lot harder for me to be a rhythm player than play lead. I’m not normal, no one ever said I was either. even my dad, who is a retired headshrinker, always avoided the subject of what is normal and if I am normal. As you may know, we met some new friends recently. You may remember from my latest post on The Perfect Jam that I have a wonderful and patient new jam friend. Alan my jam partner who just lives down the street called us out for a jam yesterday.

When we arrived, the women decided to do some gardening. Organic style gardening which is one of my wifes many strong points. She plays a mean guitar too, but that was OK with us guys!

Allan is one rhythmy guy, and that is an understatement. I am not that easy to impress, but he really has some chops. Not having a big ego problem, I asked Allan for some tips. For a guy who has no formal education in terms of playing the guitar, he sure has a lot of knowledge about many of the finer points. He went on to show me a few techniques he used when he was learning. By the way, the term used for people who are self taught (in any field) s called an autodidact’. My brainy sister taught me that!

I’m not going into the finer points of what I learned yesterday. It is not fair for me to teach you how to learn these exercises, when I am still studying them. When I become more proficient, then I will share them with you. Put simply there are many components involved in the ongoing process of learning rhythm guitar. The thing that holds true, in order to play the guitar, there are no short cuts available. Certainly some folks may have a better sense of timing and rhythm, ask them how they achieved their level of skill. What is the answer. Practice, effective practice, repetition and all the paradigms mentioned in Logical Effective Practice Methods for all guitar players.

I got to try out Alan’s PRS guitar, that was a highlight for me, especially playing through a Bogner Amp head. We changed guitars for a while. I mean you know me, my Eric Clapton Custom shop guitar is the best even, Allan admitted that it played well. ( I knew he would!) But I’m here to say that if I were to buy a different style of guitar, it is a no brainer for me, a Paul Reed Smith it would be. Period. As one gentleman to another, I asked Allan, through email this morning if I could do a review on it, and if he says yes, then I will give you my un-biased review of a Paul Reed Smith guitar,

Paul Reed Smith guitar

Paul Reed Smith guitar

and the sweetness of a Bogner amp.

Bogner Amp Head

Bogner Amp Head

I highly recommend not trying out the aforementioned equipment, unless you want to become obsessed with them. Becoming obsessed with them, and hence, having to have them is what I call GAS (gear acquisition syndrome).

One of our jobs at Guitar Players Center is to bring a different slant to the guitar world. We don’t want to write about the usual stuff, especially worn out subjects. Give us input on your interests, leave a comment or Share It with the world. The point is that when you do a Google Search and find the wrong, worn out same old answer to your question 1000 times, let me know what you are looking for and I’ll provide you with the proper info, that is my job. So, does anyone have a PRS guitar or Bogner amp? Let me know how you feel about them and why you choose those two brands. Enjoy.

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  1. Thanks for another great article. Let me let you some time about rhetoric and rhythm!

  2. You have the coolest perspective — a great contrarian thinker!

  3. uh, so you think it is important to practice a lot? 😀 Thanks for the article Danny, and good luck with the new jam.

  4. I was reading up on what John Mayer was saying one day and he made a great point. Although SRV was a great lead player, he was also a phenomenal rhythm player. I realized this especially learning the song Wall of Denial. It has a rhythm groove thats just so….groovy and so fun to play.

    sheez, i just realized all my comments have something to do with SRV.

  5. Daniel, SRV and Hendrix were the premier rhythm and lead players ever. Their abilities to play in that manner is unmatched and close to my soul. Stevie Ray really took 12 bar blues to a new level.

  6. DJW, what does contrarian mean?

    Yo, Adina, do you think I practice enough? Or maybe I should quit my job LOL and play more!!

  7. Just to throw in my .02 worth, one artist I spent a long time listening to is Pete Townsend. I think I consider him the ultimate rhythm player. I’m not taking anything away from Jimi or Stevie, both have tremendous rhythm chops. But I think Pete took it to another level, and I’ve gained a lot of my rhythm playing from him.

    Ah, PRS and Bogner, a match made in Heaven!! Especially with P90s!!
    Danny, you can check out the PRSi next time you’re over so you can have a little more input for your review.
    Be well,
    btw, great article.

  8. Lets learn some of Pete’s methods. I’m killing Adina with the exercises you gave me, I told her to get used to it, it’s going to take a while!

  9. Ha, ha, you might have to get one of those Vox Amplugs, neat little headphone amp that plugs right into your guitar and runs on batteries. I’ve been thinking of getting one just to see how it sounds.
    Pinball Wizard will get you to use your wrist more than any song I’ve ever played.

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