A Pinched Nerve Won't Stop me from Playing the Guitar.

A Pinched Nerve Won't Stop me from Playing the Guitar.

Have you ever had a pinched nerve? Well, I have a pinched nerve, and when it gets aggravated, my right shoulder feels like an elephant is stepping on it, the pain is debilitating. After working hard for a living for 30 plus years as a transmission shop owner and rebuilder, I have a sore back. OK, a lot of people have back problems.

That being said, I’m in good shape otherwise and will continue to practice my guitar, play my guitar and speak on the virtues of certain top level guitar lessons for beginners courses.

Before I figured out it was a nerve, I visited an orthopedic surgeon I trust. He x-rayed my right shoulder and told me that my shoulder is structurally fine. Since I was not in pain at that moment he told me that if it continued to act up he will order an MRI.

Well I thought he took me a bit to lightly. Why would I spend doe out my pocket and not want to find the problem and fix it? Got me. Anyway, when I was in Maryland last week helping my Mom and Dad and Sister after the terrible snow storm, my shoulder acted up, I mean it was worse than a toothache deep in my shoulder. I lost some strength and range of motion in my right shoulder, for all practical purposes I was out of commission.

Finally it stopped hurting enough (after 2 days) in order to carry on and get back to Florida and call my doctor and make an MRI appointment (which I think he should have done when the x-ray showed nothing). So now I have to pay for another office appointment. I called yesterday (Monday 3/15/2010) and was promised a call back from his assistant for an appointment. I’m still waiting.

In a sense, it is good she has not called back yet. It gave me time to Google shoulder pain, diagnosis and treatments. After reading article after article, and personal stories, it started to become evident to me that this may be nerve pain from a herniated disc. In fact, the article on WEB MD specifically states that a damaged or herniated C-4 disc can cause xxxx-treme pain and muscle spasms in the deltoids muscle group and scapula.

That is exactly where it hurts and not only that I know for a fact from having my back examined 3 and a half years ago that I have a deteriorated C-4 disc in my back from working hard and being a physical person all my life.

I’m not a doctor, but I know one! My Dad.. Not being a doctor, I do know for sure that doctors have to operate with guidelines set by the insurance companies which dictate how long an office appointment can be. I understand, doctors are getting the shaft now. I’m pretty sure that once I mention that I had my back checked by another doctor in his practice and there are x-rays of my lower back that he can look at, he will put it together.

I’m not a doctor, but I deal in logic. Everything I read about my condition clearly points to a nerve issue. Logic says to go in that direction. I have plenty of money to get right to the point, diagnose the problem and present me with a plan of treatment. I don’t have enough time or money to be told I need to go to a pain clinic and then got to a neurosurgeon and so on and so forth.

Nothing is etched in granite, so I want an MRI. Then I want my options for treatment. I will go home and decide on what treatment is in my best interests. If I choose a treatment that he offers, I will gladly make an appointment get the job done. I’m not scared of treatments, I want to get the best repair possible and get on with doing the do. GuitarPlayersCenter.com

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  6. I know from personal experience that pinched nerves can be EXTREMELY painful. I started seeing a chiropractor and instantly felt relief. Now I just go for maintenance adjustments and can happily say I’ve never had another pinched nerve.

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