Learning to play the guitar is not an overnight process. Literally, it can take years before you can say you are an accomplished player. However, it is possible to learn some simple songs in a hurry and satisfy your craving to be successful.

The truth is most of us all learn to be a guitarist from taking quality guitar lessons. I was looking for some information on what seemed to be the most realistic and use-able online guitar lessons. I found this video from JamPlay for free. I like lessons like this, the video takes a while to play so sit back and relax. We all know that we have to pay to get to the really good lessons, but I was really captured listening to the whole library of lessons on this video.

I’m going to buy one of the lessons with guitar tabs that suits my interests and playing skills and check it out. I’m very impressed with what I watched. You might want to buy one too after checking these guitar teachers out. You may even want to call them music lessons if you want.

I am interested in what I would get for a few dollars and how much more thorough the pay for lessons are. I’ll let you know what I think of them soon after I road test it. At least they don’t promise that you will be shredding like Satriani in two weeks.

If you don’t have time or can’t find a good guitar teacher, you may want to try online guitar lessons. Let me know what you think if you take the time to listen.

If you like this and want to see more about how to Learn to Play Guitar Online click the highlighted text and have a ball.

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  1. Great investigative reporting as usual by Danny Lehrman.

    You are an amazing blogger, dude!

  2. Interesting article — speaks to the importance of people’s different learning sytles and respecting what works and trying something new, sometimes.

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