Mac Stock 2010, A Beneifit for My Guitar Teacher

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Guitar Teacher, Friend and Guitar Player-R.Mac

Guitar Teacher, Friend and Guitar Player-R.Mac

On Saturday night 4/17/2010 we went to a benefit for the family of Richard Mac, my good friend and guitar teacher. RIP. Mac Stock 2010. I have to tell you how much I miss Richard. Although I had not had any guitar lessons from Richard for 3 plus years, I called him all the time to answer crazy questions regarding my quest to learn everything about how to play guitar.

It was a benefit and guitar auction all in one, with a total of 27 bands jamming from noon to 1:30 A.M. Each band had 20 minutes to perform, with ten minutes in between to change. The feature artist was a childhood friend of Richards named Barry Richman ( You must go to his site and check him out. Barry is a world class guitar player, much like Jeff Beck. The sound system sucked, but Barry was the show when he played. Obviously there is limited time when 27 bands get together.

It was a totally successful event. There must have been over 100 people inside the facility, which has a large combination of food & appetizers menu, a full bar and a dancing floor in the water hole. Every one was dancing and enjoying the music. Some of the bands ‘lead guitar players’ were R Mac’s students. One of them has a recording contract. Richard taught thousands of guitar students over 20 plus years of teaching.

The auction was to raise money for the family and the medical and funeral costs. Without saying the amount of guitars Richard had collected over the past 30 years, lets say there are to many for one house. You could fill a one car garage in an organized manner, and there will be plenty left over. Mostly Strats, which is one reason I only play a Strat.

I heard them auctioning off the Bonnie Raitt Fender Custom Shop guitar, I don’t know what it went for. I want his Jeff Beck guitar when it is sold, I hope my wife does not read this, because I am banned from buying more guitars. I would only buy it to help the family.

I have the privilege of borrowing R Mac’s Marshall JCM 600 combo. Nice, I like reverb. I like playing through Richards amp too, man is it sweet sounding (Just joking dear!). I hope it goes up for sale too. That is a story itself, me and the amp making noise in the garage.

What a beautiful and moving experience to see his friends and enemies unite for one night, and maybe more to celebrate an icon in our town. Perhaps the best guitar player in town and in the area. Richard always floored me when we saw him play in person. No one took more time and effort to make sure his tone was perfect. It’s hard to imagine unless you saw and heard him play.

It’s all a mute point now if I wanted to take more lessons from Richard. As you know I’m infatuated with guitar lessons for beginners now, oddly, Richard enjoyed teaching the kids and was like magic with the children, he had a special way with kids and moms.

Since the bar scene is not our vibe, we only stayed about an hour. The music was to loud for us, and the bands had to use the equipment on stage because of time limits.

Life is a bit lonelier now without Richard. It is hard to appreciate how much you love your friends until it is to late. Richard was a bigger part of my life than I thought. We don’t even think about that stuff till it’s to late. Every time I play guitar, I will think of Richard and who to ask my questions to.

He was so unique as guitar instructor. If you wanted a lesson in ampology, well that was the lesson of the day. If you wanted a guitar lesson on how to use a wah pedal, that’s what you got. Richie was more than a guitar teacher, he was a teacher of all aspects of the guitar, including amps, effects pedals, guitar modifications. Simply unbelievable. One of his favorite terms, ”unbelievable”.

As far as I’m concerned a little bit of Richard Mac is part of me now. I didn’t even have to go to the crossroads to get it. Ha, Ha! And I will never play guitar like Richard, in fact, not many of us will. Well that is it folks. The guitar world is one great guitar player less now. RIP Bro., Danny.

3 Responses to Mac Stock 2010, A Beneifit for My Guitar Teacher

  1. Amen. RIP Richard.

  2. That’s sweet Danny. What a nice way to remember your friend.

  3. Larry Malow

    I can’t tell you how sorry I am to hear about Mac – I thought I would do a websearch to see what he was up to. I haven’t heard from him in about 5 years.
    I grew up with him in NY – We hung out 9th-12th grade, and then some.
    Ritchie and I listened to and learned all the classic stuff together – Jimi,Cream, Yardbirds.He played me Truth by Jeff Beck for the 1st time – Changed my life! I can’t tell you how many times we went to NYC on a Saturday,looked at guitars all day, then checked out someone great at the Fillmore East. Barry was from NY too – he was already great in ’72!

    Although he was known as a guitar player, I’ll remember Mac even more as an all- around great guy, with a great sense of humor. Ritchie knew EVERYONE. That list of cool people who are gone is getting way to long.
    I’m thinking about you Mac – Hope you are having fun with Jimi!

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