Sometimes It’s Not So Lonely.

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Sometimes it’s not so lonely when your only friend walks, looks thinks and feels like you and you do just the same as him. My shadow, and sometimes I think that it is my only friend. I’m a big boy now and am growing fond of my only friend, at least we agree on everything, most of the time!

Sometimes I feel real lonely since my Dad passed away. Nothing (I would capitalize the prior word if it was not rude) can fill the gap of losing one of your heroes and your greatest fan. That is too personal of a position of which he did a great job of, to take over after 57 years of doing an outstanding job.

Up to the last few years we would greet each other with a strong manly hug, nothing sissy about it. He wanted to hug and squeeze the strong chest of his son, and I wanted to hug him back. It’s about the feelings.

When it was time to depart, we would hug again, and then exchange some words that went something like this. I would say “I’ll see you later Daddy, you know I love you”, he would say, ” Well you know I love you too, but that is an unspoken truth”.  I know I was his favorite son. Oh, I was his only son! I am a Mamas boy too, so I did not leave my Mom out in any way.

My wife, as I stated in a recent lesson post is my biggest fan now, and she lets me know it here and there. I love it when she says so. But I still play the guitar for my dad. We took guitar lessons at the same time when I was 11 years old, for about 4 years, from different teachers.

My parents would come down and stay with us in Fl. for one month every year, which they did from 1982 to three years ago when he got ill. All of us really enjoyed their stay. The reason I took up playing electric guitar 5.5 years ago, was because of pressure from my dad, my mom and my wife, to learn guitar and enjoy something other than working. It was a struggle for a few days!, But in the end they won. So I found out about Richard Mac and he started my electric guitar vibe.

When ever they were down here, he always sat in the room I practiced in and just enjoyed like crazy anything I played. Well I was a beginner guitar player then and it cracks me up that he enjoyed my nonstop playing of scales and practicing of different exercises and techniques. He was raised on classical music and had no taste for Jimi Hendrix, but he sat there and enjoyed listening to me butcher songs he never heard before.

I always bring a guitar, usually my Mexican Start. I get to practice my guitar often when I go up North . I mean that I might sit down maybe 4 or 5 times a day, but for 30 minutes one time 45 another, not for longer periods.

Anyway,  last night I was working on ‘Pride and Joy’. We all know Stevie Ray Vaughan (SRV) wrote that song. You might think it is just a simple basic twelve bar blues song, but Ray never made anything simple. It can be simplified, and I don’t care how other people play SRV’s music, but I like to play Rays songs like he did. And he had some very unusual picking techniques. Anyway, the techniques he uses in the intro and in other parts of the song is a real brain twister.

I spend a lot of time just practicing the technique so I’ll become fluid and instinctual at it. It’s happening too, well worth the effort. Want to get to the top? Practice a lot, until your sick and tired of it, and then practice a bit more. The next day, surprise, you might be a little better at said technique, it’s true and it works, just be patient.

Well, my wife who has a very pleasing voice in her own right, and is a dang good finger-picker asked me to teach her “Pride and Joy”. WTF?

The song is simple, but it’s hard to get the rhythm and picking techniques to match up. Typical SR. She is not so interested in playing every note like SRV did, she wanted to know the chords and words and sing her version. Well that was easy,  she picked them up right away and put her golden vocal chords to the words and the words just came out of her head, like click bang we have an other super star here.

So, I guess ‘Sometimes it’s not so lonely’ when you do have a great old lady/wife and the rest of your family are your friends too. And I’m only joking  about friends, I do have a few close friends. Enjoy.

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