Jam Sessions Are Making Good Vibrations

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Why do adults all of a sudden pick up a guitar or another instrument and decide to play it? What value can we put on being a guitar player, or for that matter, just playing a musical instrument? We play to have fun.

Adult Guitar Lessons

Adult Guitar Lessons

Our tastes often change over the years in terms of what we like to play, but people inherently like to play with something. Adults get the urge to take guitar lessons as a grownup, but how should an adult approach this? . We don’t have enough space to get into the reasons since there are so many of them. Unless you play an instrument like classical guitar, where one generally performs alone, most of us would like to know a few songs and play with other folks.

To bring out your maximum potential is not always easy. One may benefit immensely from proper practice techniques, something I talk about a lot. Most of the our readers also know how strongly I feel about getting involved in a beginners to intermediate weekly jam. Simply put there are no shortcuts. But getting there is a riot.

That being said allows me to expound on the terrific jam we had last night. We have grown a lot in the last 6 months. Every guitar player, bass guitar player and drummer is becoming more comfortable playing in front of people. We are a family, there is no judging of anyone’s talent or skill level. We aim to cater to everyone who shows, from a scared anxiety stricken virgin player to an intermediate level stage hog like me. Once relaxation and confidence start to grow, then we can focus on growing too. Simply put, there is never a problem with teaching a few chords or putting a little rhythm in your vibe. I enjoy hipping people up with any info they need.

My weakness is a strength now. I was never taught any songs by my guitar teacher. I’m a scale master, a lick machine spewing out Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and improvised licks like a Ford pickup eats gas. Essentially though, I am just using my scale knowledge and rhythm skills to play songs. They can be familiar, well known or never heard before. I can play it. That is my strength. Let me say that I’m an advocate of reading music. Everyone should be able to read tab or music. Let me add I have not read a note of music since I can remember.

My route of learning was difficult and intense and I don’t necessarily recommend that you learn in such a disciplined manner, especially if you want immediate gratification. Learning songs is more fun and gratifying, and that is the most popular technique for teaching nowadays.

Winding down this article, I should mention that I had a new experience last night. I brought my modified and upgraded Mexican Stratocaster and played it very physically. I sweat a lot when I play, I am very intense. Well I was pretty wound up when I got home. It takes a few hours to drop the adrenaline level. when I got into bed and relaxed, I could feel my hand buzzing. Why, from the vibrations emitted from the guitar. Guitars vibrate and over playing causes symptoms like this. It also leads to more severe problems. Here are some proven, effective practice methods.

You will be happy to know that my hands are fine and ready to play a few notes again. But realistically I need to know when to take a short break. It’s a lot of fun to hog the stage (with approval of course), but take a break every hour and set your axe down for ten minutes and have a drink of water and some potato chips.

The value of jamming can’t be overstated, and you can tell it is a happy day when Tuesday comes around. Guitar players jam strategies vary yet, it is easy to fit in, so just do it. Nobody cares how you play, unless you play to loud! We are all in our own little vibe.

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  2. Robert from Dolphins

    Jam sessions are fun. I go to some of them around where I live a few times per month. Too much of it and it can get boring though. It all depends on who shows up.
    Cheers Daniel,

  3. I want to hear some of those licks being laid out by Daniel Lehrman! It’s the passion for it Danny, plain and simple somewhere in our DNA the talents run free. To pick up a guitar is no easy task, I tried.. Pink Floyds famous bass lines, it was like a rooster with a sore throat after a night of drinking. Thats not my strong suit, but I can be forever grateful for the slingers who persevered through the rough times, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, BB King, Johnny Copland, Albert King, just to name a few, that lead our generation greats to strive for what they struggled for. The passion for what burns in your veins.
    Keep slingin’ and keep sharin! I am glad our paths have crossed!

  4. Dot in DC

    Love to hear about other’s passions!!

  5. To my friend Susie: You have a really unusual wisdom. A great way of using words. I am truly a lucky person to cross paths with you. I hope you turn into a real life friend and more than an acquaintance. We share such a strong vibe, in some way it was meant for us to meet.
    how is Buck doin? I ain’t heard anything from him or about him. that could he is being be good though!! Sometimes I’m a good boy. I hate to get into bad habits though!!!

  6. Jam sessions always bring out the best in every musician. You need a lot of joy and courage and self confidence to jam with people you don’t know already, I think.

  7. What I find as a mother of a small child, a busy work day and evnrtyhieg else is I don’t have as much time as I would like or even need. So I pick up the guitar every chance I get if I know I won’t be able to commit to a whole practice time. Usually on those days I just run through the scale, learning and memorizing the notes on the strings, or just doing some finger warm up exercises for 5 or 10 minutes. I don’t need to be as focused if I am doing finger exercises and I noticed the difference in only a few weeks. My fingers are stronger and I am able to change chords quicker.Last night was a perfect example, as I got finished with my day I realized it was late so instead of my normal routine of plugging in the electric, I just picked up the acoustic, sat on the couch and strummed away for about 10 minutes while my birds danced. A good time for all and I felt good because even though my brain felt fried I know my fingers got a good workout.

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