Buddy Guy has a birthday every year. In fact, he had a birthday last year. What more can be said about Buddy Guy? Not much, and I’m sure plenty of people will write blogs celebrating the guitar player Buddy Guys birthday anyway.

Buddy is a lot more than a great guitar player to me. In fact lots of youngins’ don’t know who he is, or, if you don’t listen to the blues (what a bummer) you may not know. Buddy is the influence that influenced my influences, and I can listen to Buddy play the guitar for me all day, heck I’ve seen him in stink the concert hall up with the blues twice now, and, I’ll go back to as long as he is alive.

Buddy Guy was the innovator of high energy string bending electric blues guitar music. Buddy is a great (I don’t use that word lightly either) singer and songwriter too. Basically, except for few other originals, like Jimi Hendrix (Shucks, Jimi was simply an original), Albert King, Clapton, Bloomfield,  and the great blues players of that period of time, Buddy Guy influenced every electric guitar player in the world, know it or not. Learn to love it!

As I dedicate this day to ‘‘listen to Buddy Guy All Day”, day, I will think about the mass of primarily Texas Blues Guitar Players who like what they heard too. More people are probably familiar with Johnny Winter and Stevie Ray Vaughan. J.W. was one of the original Texas blues guitarists, and he had his own terrific distinct vibe, but I think SRV had the talent to take Buddy Guy’s intense vibe to new level.

SRV’s  style was and is infectious, there are more excellent guitar players than you can imagine, primarily in Texas who can play SR’s style really good. And, that is not a fair statement, since Buddy is still one of the best blues players in the world.

I look and listen at some the new young generation of blues players, one of them I am falling in love with. If you can get by all the gossip stuff, John Mayer is the real deal, one of the most intense players I have heard in years. He hits the right notes, for sure. Very tasty. Watch him and Buddy Guy on you Tube.

I don’t want to dribble on about Buddy Guy, enough has been said. I just want to thank a genuine, still living, blues guitar god for indirectly teaching me the blues, Buddy hit the right notes a long time ago. Note: He also holds a week-long guitar course for intermediate blues players every year in Chicago. At the end of the week of learning, you get to play on stage with Buddy at his Chicago Blues Night Club.

How about that? Someday, if you will start to make few donations (donate button), I want to go to that guitar class. So sit back and get to know Buddy Guy. Enjoy him, it will become a lifetime obsession if the blues are in you. Are They? GuitarPlayersCenter.com

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