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The future of learning how to play the guitar may be now. Learning to play the guitar using hi-tech interactive learning tools has many of the same advantages as buying a guitar online. Obviously, one advantage is that you don’t have to leave your home. Another advantage is your teacher is always there for you.

Some of the methods of teaching online are so thoroughly designed and technically accurate that in my opinion a guitar player can find exactly what type of lessons that can be purchased (guitar for beginners) to suit your exact needs. I’m talking from first time players with no experience to experienced guitarists that need a little extra time spent on their chops, technical issues and advanced techniques.

My top rated sites are fun to get involved with and use many famous guitar players as teachers. Most of them offer free trial periods. The evidence I have collected suggests that most of the artists that teach have been educated at some of the best musical schools in the world. What they have to share would take years and years of musical training. I also appreciate being able to focus on the style of music I prefer. Therefore removing some of the aggravation of going to see a guitar teacher and having to stick with one set in stone curriculum.

What I mean to say is that not all teachers are at the top if their game. Not all teachers will teach you the vibe you want to learn without going through a bunch of B.S. first. Some teachers just want to string you on and make more money. Another benefit of quality online lessons, they cost less and you have the lesson and a teacher at your fingertips all the time, in case you forget some of your lesson.

Note: I have known people that started taking lessons. Wanting to play a particular style like the Blues, Rock or Jazz. These requests were discussed with their teachers the day of their first meeting. They did not want to learn a bunch of other styles. The students learned what was asked of them in terms of scales. etc., and got good at it. However, learning the particular style requested did not happen, very frustrating. Taking lessons on the internet gives you total control of what vibe you learn.

Ideally online lessons can be a terrific learning aid combined with a good teacher (If you can find one). Every one is a guitar teacher!

Describing the resources and tools available on the online sites would take more time than necessary, visiting these tutorial sites is more interesting anyway. All of them have a ton of learning materials available. Describing how they invent these tools is even more baffling!

I am an intermediate level player and I’m working on timing issues related to Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Andy Aledort is probably the guitar player and teacher most familiar with Hendrix or SRV. I have been using his lessons for a few years now. He is a mind blower! I used the lessons in the past, combined with my live guitar teachers lessons together.

For I instance, I bought the Jimi Hendrix Experience DVD and Tab Book transposed by Andy Aledort. The DVD has every song on the album. Each song is broken down into the intro and main verses. The actual free time playing where Jimi loses his mind is not included. I will explain about free time later. Andy breaks each lick into 3 parts.

1. He plays the lick at full speed using a backup track with drums and bass with perfect timing.

2. He breaks down each lick into understandable terms. The key it is in, the scales and chords Jimi uses and how to finger or thumb the lick.

3. He plays the lick nice and slow, so we can see and assimilate what he just played in perfect timing.

You notice immediately while watching this DVD how knowledgeable Andy Aledort is and what a great guitar player he is also. DVD’s are great because you can play any part over and over until you get it right. I definitely recommend the tab book so you have the tablature and sheet music in front of you. In case it is not included with the DVD. In this case it comes as a package.

Free time by Jimi Hendrix would be the time he spent in between verses. Playing lead guitar using every WMD in his disposal and every bit of inner soul he had to make his wild and unorthodox notes say something. Free time often lasted up to 45 minutes in some live performances. (I’m old enough to have had the honor of seeing Jimi perform when I was a kid in 1968 at Merriweather Post Pavilion, in Columbia Maryland.) Especially on song like Voodoochild. Free time was a signature/trademark of Jimi Hendrix. Download Voodoochild off iTunes and listen to it about 10 times and then you will understand. Let me know what you think of free time?

Back to more online guitar lessons and some brief ramblings on each method. I absolutely recommend visiting each one of these sites and touring the whole site. Most of the tools they develop are really innovative and useful. There are so many ingenious and fun ways to teach that my suggestion is to the take time to find the tools on each site and make a decision that is in your best interests. Not every one learns the same way and you may find a method that suits you better. It’s also tons of fun trying out these sites. As I mentioned earlier most of the products are free to test, therefore hopefully you will have the evaluation time to get what is best for you.

If you can find a really good teacher, it is unimaginable how fast you can learn from good qualified personalized lessons in person. In fact I might suggest The Musicians Institute as a school of learning to play the guitar if you have the time to attend some classes. Check it out either way, they have some really nice short lessons for free. As a matter of interest, I was originally trained in a similar manner as the best music schools train, my teacher went to The Berkely School of Music.

The interactive guitar player can find all sorts of backing tracks and YouTube lessons, which continue to evolve for free. The jams in the machines are in the key you choose and the rhythm backing tracks include, funky Motown, rock, jazz, and blues. Click on a rhythm and plug in your guitar! I use them one all the time when I’m not playing and learning from going to my new weekly jam session.

Most of the basics are free and can be a highly effective fun way to learn to play with the scales with background music that turns you on. I hope this helps you decide how to learn to be a guitar player. The guitar players at Guitar Players Center use the same basic methods recommended above.

Don’t forget that no matter how much information you are capable of taking in, there is no excuse for not practicing the seven steps to becoming a successful guitar player. Practice makes perfect. Enjoy.

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