Essential Scales For The Electric Guitarist

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Playing the guitar is a lot of fun and is a great way to relax, improve memory and satisfy many urges, including improving your mental health. Easy it ain’t, and that is why it is so satisfying to be a beginner guitar player and have success. Don’t mistake practicing your guitar as work, it is part of the fun of getting where you want to go.

I’m not going to confuse the issue with a bunch of extra stuff. Guitar lessons for beginners on dvd’s self study learn at home courses should be straight forward and easy to understand and digest.

When I start to discuss some of the essential ingredients needed in any self study guitar course, let me make this clear you don’t need to learn the theory behind what I say, you just need to learn how to do it. If I say you need to learn to play an A Minor Pentatonic Scale, that is what I mean. Remember the patterns written on guitar tabs below. Don’t worry about why it is a pentatonic scale. Who cares? Why complicate the issue for a beginner?

Right off the bat the best programs should teach some essential scale for the electric guitarist and acoustic guitarist too, and some easy to learn guitar chords. The same scales you will learn as a beginner guitar player will be used throughout your playing career. These scales will become more useful and versatile as you learn to use them. Don’t become concerned about learning the theory of the major scale as opposed the the first position of the scale right now.

Teaching you how to holdĀ  and play your guitar comfortably first is very important, and directly related to enjoying your play time. Fitting the right sized guitarĀ  to the player can make a big difference. I have seen small people give up playing guitar because the guitar is too big. Don’t fret, you can buy a quality 3/4 sized guitar if you have small hands.

Expect a certain amount of hand and finger soreness for a while, don’t practice more than 1/2 hour a day for a month. Study your book and take my advise, listen to a lot of the type of music you want to play while you are developing your chops. Chops: a guitar players jargon for skills.

Without a doubt, the major scale and pentatonic scales are the most important scales to learn from the beginning, especially if you want to play rock and roll, metal or the blues.

The pentatonic scale is a 5 note scale. It is the backbone of the above the blues, which is the backbone of all music like metal, rock and roll and country. There are 5 positions to the pentatonic scale, although teaching the first position first only and learning this pattern is an essential ingredient to learn.

Minor Pentatonic Scale Tab Key Of A

Minor Pentatonic Scale Tab Key Of A

 A Minor Pentatonic Guitar Scale Caged or Boxed.

A Minor Pentatonic Guitar Scale Caged or Boxed.

The major scale is another must know guitar scale. It is the Daddy or Big Major scale of all scales. It is where all scales emanate from. Knowing the major scale is of primary importance to any guitarist who is serious. My next online guitar lesson post will be on the major scale.

5 Responses to Essential Scales For The Electric Guitarist

  1. I am a newbie to Guitar. I really want to learn how to play the Blues. I live in Santa Monica. Do you have any lessons online that will give a headstart to learning!

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  3. Realistically speaking the starting point is to learn those scales and the essential chords.
    The scales to me are the most important thing. I learned a bit different, I was schooled in scales to nth degree and chord construction. I pretty much play what I hear. I never was taught songs. But I know theory well and can play about anything. Lots, lots and more practice for hours a day for lots of years. I think about an hour a day is minimum.
    I do read tab, so I would recommend learning to read tab first and them practice the scales in key of A. Learn the essential chords too, get familiar with them and I’ll give you a nice easy slow bluesy piece.

    By the way I’m doing the same thing for another reader too. Blues baby.

    Thanks for asking, I will deliver,

  4. Solo, I meant to add this also:
    It is nice to learn the scale patterns, particularly the A blues pentatonic scale and the A minor pentatonic scale. Those are all pentatonic, because penta means 5 in latin. Learn the patterns in key A or any key and then we can learn how to play any key anywhere!! Same thing with the chords then you can play thousands of songs
    Not that hard really.

  5. In your scales chart the ‘A natural minor scale’ shows a 1 3 3 on the A string. Is that a misprint with the second 3 needing to be a 4 or is the 3rd finger used for both? Thanks.

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