This is a continuation of yesterdays article (12/13/2007) Online Guitar Lessons, Rapidly Becoming The Future of Guitar Education. is the fastest growing guitar tuition community in the world( based on my knowledge or lack of it ). Started in 1991 out of necessity by providing backing tracks to help guitarists improve playing skills. Backing tracks have the bass line and drums to a particular song you may wish to learn. Realistically speaking, not everyone who plays the guitar wants to be a rock star and play on stage. Lots of us just want to be good players and enjoy and amuse our friends and ourselves. That is why backing tracks are so cool. Backing tracks give you the rest of the band without leaving home! Great and simple tool, it’s also super affordable. They call the backing tracks Jamtrax. I use backing tracks extensively and have made leaps and bounds with my timing issues involving in playing with other musicians.

I want to note that some of the music you may be into will have very specific ways to be played. If your timing is off than it’s just a bunch of notes. They may sound good, but it may not sound like the song you want to play. Timing, in my opinion is everything.

Quoted from Licklibrary:
“Our mission is to provide the best possible experience for musicians of all levels to learn their chosen instrument, benefit from the wisdom of world class tutors, interact with other musicians worldwide, and on a global level be able source a wide range of entertainment and resources based around streaming media, such as product demos, live gigs, and of course shopping for any educational material.”

A central component of this business model is streaming media, which for the educational content is far more engaging than reading TAB, and for elements such as product reviews adds a whole new dimension to the experience.

We chose to upgrade the media streaming for all the tutorial content as we feel it is important to engage our users by having the best streaming media delivery available. Many people still believe internet based video to be a few jerky images, so when they see a 700k stream from our site they quickly realize that it is a remarkable experience, and they understand that video on the internet is a viable user experience today. It is now possible to watch lessons for a wide range of tracks from Hank Marvin to Steve Vai streamed in an ‘online TV’ format from our server. End of Statement from LickLibrary.

Personally, I like to perform on stage. I love getting up there and going into the zone. They usually kick me off the stage because I’m a stage hog. I’m only average at playing with other musicians at this point in time. I don’t get stage fright either! I’ll tell you how not to get stage fright in another article soon. It’s psychologically easy to do and I’ll help you get over that problem with a focus lesson.

If you don’t care to play in the spotlight than you need the rest of the band in order to fine tune your timing and get the full effect of the song you are playing. Take it to the limit if you get my drift. Also it’s much easier to learn a particular song if you have the rest of the band playing with you. I guess you can see I’m a fan of backing tracks.
Note: An Amazing tool I found on the internet called The Amazing Slow Downer is an excellent way to slow down a song, it is easier to learn when you slow it down. Check it out for free. It’s worth the cost in the long run to buy it. I have one!

I could spend a whole article on expounding on their virtues. I think you should examine this site thoroughly yourself. My opinion is you will get more out of it by going there and looking around. Like most of the sites discussed in the articles it’s free to go there and hang around and have a little fun.

More well organized tutorial and other unique teaching methods than any place I’ve checked out. is another excellent online guitar community. Very similar to in terms of how the site is structured and what is offered. You will find a dazzling array of Guitar Tab, with new tablature being added every day. They have an informative information section and a lineup of lessons worth looking at closely. Sometimes those little differences in how a lesson is laid out will suit you better. It’s is more than just another choice in terms of fun and tuition. may serve you better in many ways.

Remember, you don’t need to be a beginner to get something out of these sites. They are a riot to look at for everybody. Absolutely worth a detailed tour. The best course offered in my opinion is called The Team Method Guitar (TMG) learning kit. It is made up of six books (with nearly 500 pages of information) and 10 DVDs and CDs. In addition to the Beginner and Advanced Lead course books there are mini courses in several skills including acoustic guitar, playing by ear and music theory. The learning kit also comes with 81 Jam Tracks and two bonuses: Advanced Learning Techniques for Guitar and the Audacity multi-track recording software. The complete course materials list is below.

TMG is sold primarily as a physical books and discs package though there is a downloadable option available. Offering a downloadable version has several key benefits. First it offers you a less expensive alternative to the physical kit. It also gives the student instant gratification and a way to start learning to play the guitar RIGHT NOW, so they don’t have to wait for their package to arrive before they can begin.

Jamorama also offers courses in acoustic guitar and lead guitar. With the Jamorama Acoustic Guitar, you’ll discover how to read music, how to recognize chord shapes and how to transcribe songs from the radio and CDs, simply by playing my fun and sophisticated software games.

Designed by Jamorama, the Lead Guitar course is a complete learning system and one of the easiest to follow guitar learning method available. It comes packed with information, including 43 powerful video lessons, 29 of the broadest range of Jam Tracks available anywhere, 1000s of lines of tablature AND step-by-step instructions training you to play by ear, so you can play virtually any song that you ever hear on the radio. This is truly cutting-edge material!

Team Method Guitar gives the student LIVE online support. This may be the only course that offers this. This will start with live support in the critical USA/Canada afternoon and evening hours. This means that students having problems get help when they need it most. We will also expand these hours as the student base grows. I like this feature a lot.

An overview of the above courses would suggest that to determine what type of lessons are in your best interests one has to make a commitment to check out and examine each program separately. There is no correct program for everyone. Therefore it is important to personally choose the program or combination of tools that work the best for you and the way you learn. Everybody learns a little bit differently.

This is a continuation of yesterdays article (12/13/2007) Online Guitar Lessons, Rapidly Becoming The Future of Guitar Education.

GPC hopes this article is informative. If it is please share it . Let me know which course/s work for you.

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    Love the stuff about music theory as well as the functional components of the guitar. Happy New Year to all guitar freaks near and far!!

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