Whether you wanted to, or half heart-idly took guitar lessons as a child [music lessons], you owe your parents a vote of thanks. I found some  data published in 2010 in Nature Reviews Neuroscience showing that music training for beginners of a young age may activate neurological connections that prime the brain for other aspects of human communication such as language, memory and speech.

In an information driven study, Northwestern University researchers analyzed scientific literature from leading labs around the world where scientists of different exacting viewpoints use a range of research methods not available to every resource center. They found that an active and pleasant engagement with musical sounds enhances  neuroplasticity, brain fitness and cognitive skills and enables the nervous system to provide the stable scaffolding of meaningful patterns so important to learning.

According to a Northwestern University release: Musicians are more likely than non-musicians in learning to incorporate sound patterns for a new language into words. Children who are musically trained by taking quality guitar lessons show stronger neural activation to pitch changes in speech and have a better vocabulary and reading ability than children who did not receive music training.

Another interesting fact is that guitar players and musicians in general are trained to hear sounds embedded in a rich interconnected system of melodies and harmonies are better prepared to understand speech in a noisy background. They exhibit both enhanced cognitive and sensory abilities that give them a distinct advantage for processing speech in challenging listening environments compared with non-musicians.

The fact is that even an adults brain will benefit from the stimulation of guitar lessons. Although this article is on the child mind, an adult mind is quite capable of learning at a high level as well. Yes, adults learn differently than kids.

If you are stimulated by reading this post, you may want to read my guitar lesson reviews and find a course that fits your personal goals. It’s never too late to activate the neurological connections that allow our brains to learn.

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5 Responses to Thank your Parents for Beginning Guitar Lessons

  1. My parents had me reading music before I could read words–I am enternally grateful!

  2. Dorothy Weinstein

    I couldn’t agree more about the importance of early music education and what that learning does to the brain while it’s plastic. Northwestern does some amazing research!

    Not unlike learning a language at a young age, music education is a beautiful way to enhance the growing mind!

  3. That is a very interesting article. I think learning to read and play music as a child did help my reading skills in school. Thanks for providing the proof that it could be so.

  4. Fantastic points altogether, you just won a logo new reader. What could you suggest in regards to your submit that you made a few days in the past? Any sure?

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