Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Online Guitar Lessons          DVD Guitar Lessons

1. Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar with Steve Krenz

2. Guitar Tricks

3. Jamplay

4. Private Guitar Lessons with Daniel R. Lehrman

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 Daniel Lehrman Guitar Lessons 

     Guitar lessons for beginners boils down to 3 choices. Private guitar lessons are your best bet. Face to face private guitar lessons, or guitar lessons by webcam with a live teacher is the other exclusively private method.

However, I understand not everyone can afford the cost of private guitar lessons for beginners in person with an old fashioned guitar tutor. Therefore I decided to investigate online video guitar lessons,  such as Jamplay and GuitarTricks. And, DVD guitar Lessons, such a Learn and Master Guitar by Gibson. 

Essentially, both Online Video Guitar lessons companies  mentioned have many similarities, which leads me to believe YOU should read my Jamplay Review, or simply go to JamPlay, and examine the site. Obviously I recommend reading my GuitarTricks review, or browsing their site, then reading my review. However you decide to do it, take the time to choose what is best for you.

The bottom line, both companies have outstanding websites, very modern and easy to navigate, with an assortment of teachers, genres, and tools you won’t believe for the price. I think it is a personal choice. Just make sure to take advantage of any the promotions they offer. Guitar Tricks has a free trial period, and Jamplay promo Codes save  a fortune.

In addition, only one DVD Guitar Lessons course passed my test: Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar with Guitar teacher Steve Krenz.  

Please take a few more minutes to read the rest of this page on guitar lessons by beginners. 

NOTHING can replace the experience of top-level private guitar lessons for beginners. Private guitar lessons with a qualified instructor are the best way to achieve good technique and structure. Practice habits must be developed early by the beginner guitar player. Practice must be fun, don’t let it become a chore. That often leads to a lack of success. Guitar is fun, remember that. Two problems get in the way of face to face instruction.

1. Not enough qualified guitar teachers are available for live face to face guitar lessons.

2. Affordability. Online guitar lessons are affordable, regardless of your preference, Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar DVD curriculum is a true learn-at-home guitar product. It has a one-time price, offering a BIG discount: of $100.00 off retail with a payment plan available.

Learn and Master Guitar beginner guitar lesson product is geared more for children and kids or the parents of kids. Absolute beginners who need competent lessons on how to play guitar for beginners, from a qualified guitar course or program.

The DVD beginner guitar lesson program is:

1. Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar with Steve Krenz

Core learning system Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar CurriculumBuy Learn and Master Guitar Beginner Now. Guitar players will benefit immediately from Learn & Master Guitar, it is serious beginner guitar training tool. A true home based DVD guitar learning system presented in small and digestible lessons for easy learning over a long period of time. With this home based learning course you have written materials and 20 plus DVD’s packaged in an attractive and solid box. The top rated award winning program for kids and children.

The two best online video guitar lessons for beginners are:

2. Guitar Tricks

Try the Core learning system Guitar Tricks 14 Day Free Trial. Many beginners prefer Guitar Tricks Online Guitar Lessons. They provide an excellent program using solid fundamentals for the beginner guitar player. Geared for all ages, but most useful to teenagers to grown ups.

Guitar Tricks Review

Read this true example of how fast kids pick up easy guitar songs from a Blog post.

3. Jamplay

Order Jamplay Now


Become an educated consumer, read the guitar lessons reviews we break down and analyze and discuss so you make a solid decision. Our guitar lesson reviews are performed by a college educated guitar player of 50 years. Having had the best private lessons as a kid, I have a deep interest in providing accurate and honest reviews so everyone has a chance to learn guitar with the lessons that suit your interests and learning style. Don’t forget. Educated consumers make better choices.



Jamplay Review