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Kids Guitar Lessons that get results. Are looking for an effective program whose contents are specially crafted guitar lessons for kids? Very young guitar students have to be to be addressed in a different manner than older players from 14 years old and up, including guitar lessons for adults, and general guitar lessons for beginners. Generally speaking kids have smaller bodies and hands. It’s not simply a size issue either.

My six year old niece asked me to give her guitar lesson so she could play something on a guitar last weekend. We gave her a Brand X full sized electric guitar and put it in her lap. It was obviously to big for her to handle.

Fortunately we had a Brand X 3/4 sized Strat look alike close by. A much better fit for tiny little fingers. Some of the things I noticed about guitar lessons for young kids other than size was, they don’t think or take in knowledge like an adult or teen. By and large, thinking patterns and basic coordination skills may not have finished developing in the brain at such a young age. Challenges such as that make the process of teaching guitar more involved and time consuming.

If you have the proper personality and knowledge and can make it fun, than as a teacher the odds of success increase dramatically. The simple act of picking one clean sounding note is a triumph for the very first kids guitar lessons. Just being able to press the high E string down with enough pressure to exact a clean sounding note may be a challenge in the very first stages of guitar lessons for kids.

Holding the string down with the left hand [right handed guitar player] and picking the string with the right hand requires coordination skills that may not be fully developed yet. It’s not to say you can’t teach young kids to play the guitar. It simply requires a different set of teaching skills.

Most young guitar students benefit from some form of guidance of this nature. In rapid manner, most young students will grasp several easy chords to play several easy guitar songs to enhance the experience and encourage growth. Online guitar lessons designed and orchestrated by a competent guitar teacher can be more effective and cost a lot less than poor private lessons.

Obviously there are some exceptions to the rules. Guitar virtuoso Jimi Hendrix, as many of the early guitar players had no guitar lessons. Instead of formal guitar lessons, guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan and plenty more of our heroes spent tremendous amounts of time figuring it out themselves at very young ages. They are the exception. Most of us need proper instruction from the start.

There is more to discuss on this subject based on more of my observations. If you are more interested in guitar lessons for adults or general guitar lessons for beginners over guitar lessons for kids than examine the recommend programs by clicking guitar lessons for adults..

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  1. Dorothy Weinstein

    Nice point! Kids need to be taught in a developmentally appropriate atmosphere or they won’t set up a solid foundtion on which to learn. Thanks for being sensitive to the difference in learning at different ages!

  2. verrry interesting. I took lessons as a small child. I am sure my teacher must have been a saint.

  3. lol – how can you justify that? – you really don’t know what you’re saying. Well, I agree with the majority here.

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