Guitar Lessons on DVD for Beginners

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Looking? Guitar Lessons on DVD for Beginners

Looking? Guitar Lessons on DVD for Beginners

Are guitar lessons for beginners on DVD the avenue you want to take? Lets talk about it, because my last post was on whether online video guitar lessons would suit your learning interests better. There is a big difference between the two methods of teaching guitar. Although the small differences may make your decision.

Of the online guitar lesson courses I review, use and recommend, they are either online video guitar lessons, guitar lessons on DVD or guitar lessons from books that teach the guitar. At this point in time, online guitar lessons for kids, children, beginners, adults and beginner adults have surpassed private lessons in many ways. There are many reasons guitar lessons on DVD or Video guitar lessons have an edge over individual instruction.

First off, unlike when I took private guitar lessons in the mid ’60’s, there are not enough highly qualified guitar teachers to go around. Another issue is that sites like JamPlay and GuitarTricks are aged sites. They have been in existence a long time perfecting their programs continuously. There is a lot of experience for  people who want to learn to play the guitar. Becoming a member a site that offers excellent guitar lessons on video entitles you to new lessons and immediate updates at no extra cost.

The longer you do something, the better you get at it. So, the longer companies such as the ones I mentioned stay in business, being imaginative and up to date in teaching methods, you stand to gain the most from said guitar instruction courses. And the more time you practice, the better you get at it. So make practice time fun. It should not be a chore to practice your guitar.

Sites like Learn and Master Guitar offer DVD guitar lessons with a big beautiful book to go along with over 20 DVD’s. You can download the lessons to your computer for convenience and it comes with the guitar lesson book on DVD so you don’t have to carry it around. And, it’s a self study learn at home program that teaches you at your pace. I guarantee it will keep you busy and you will have a great time if you take the whole course or start where you want to start. I’m an intermediate player and learned something new the first time I looked at the course.

The only negative issue with buying outright a DVD guitar lesson course is that most of them charge a tiny amount for updates or new stuff. As good as the Gibson Learn and Master guitar DVD program is, the updates are of minor concern in my opinion. The course includes so much useful information, and good effective guitar instruction basics have not changed very much in 60 or 70 years now.

The negative issue with online video guitar lessons where the lesson is delivered over the internet is that you have to have an internet connection. You can always download the lessons that interest you from the sites you are using if needed. I prefer not to, but I have not been to an area without WiFi.

No matter what, I won’t be left high and dry without guitar lessons ever again. I have all three methods of learning guitar available to me always. The truth is I’ve been playing long enough that I don’t need guitar lessons all the time. If that is your goal as well, take my advise and give these courses a try. Its easy to get a refund and try another one. Just make sure you keep the one that gets results.

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  1. Dorothy Weinstein

    Love your ideas about learning and lessons….flexibility and mixing things up — really pinpoints what’s important about learning— individuality, learning styles and challenging yourself!

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