Looking for Guitar Lessons for Beginners?

Looking for Guitar Lessons for Beginners?

I made a bold statement almost a year ago about sight reading music. In the first post I discussed my need to learn to sight read music and my experience and thoughts about the subject. Then I wrote another post on my first observations from many years ago concerning my abilities to sight read music when I was a kid, comparing it to what I was creating a set of exceptions for, now.

Expectations, here is the most important statement about expectations ever, from a guy most folks have a least heard about “Present fears are less than horrible imaginings”. Does anyone know who said that? William Shakespeare. What that means is to learn to sight read music is not as hard as you imagine it is, especially if you use the right source.

After sifting through over 10 online guitar lessons for beginners, the last course I received with online guitar lesson DVD’s struck a note with me, literally, on learning to sight read music, almost immediately in the first guitar lesson DVD. I spent some time looking through my old Aaron Shearer learn to play guitar book, which is still popular today, and it did not compel me very much.

In the first lesson of the course, the instructor discusses reading tablature or tabs, and how to sight read guitar music. Like anyone in a symphonic orchestra can do, instinctively. The guitar instruction book put it in terms I understand completely, not a lot different than the way Aaron Shearer teaches it, for what ever reason, I immediately was able to pick up the very basics of sight reading the first notes on each string.

Putting things in terms we will understand is the teachers job. Not every one learns the same way. I don’t learn the same way, or as fast, as I did when I was 11 years old. Actually, I am capable of learning fast when information is presented to me in a way that I understand. Without giving up anymore in chapter one, this course is starting out perfectly.

You probably know I’m an intermediate guitar player. I don’t have any special talents or skills that I know of, other than I’m the hardest worker of all. Everything I do I use the best educational materials and information available and put it to good use. Some guitar information has no good use, and that’s good to know too. Why should you spend a fortune on online guitar lessons when I have gone to a great deal of trouble doing that for you?

I never tell a lie, and I would be a fool to spend my time reviewing online guitar lessons for beginners for nothing. I get a small compensation for every course that gets purchased through my site. It may pay my website expenses someday. The bigger deal is that this is a terrific guitar course for intermediate guitar players like me who want to learn to sight read music, or for someone who is looking for guitar lessons for beginners on DVD.

I am not so sure I need to review any more guitar lessons, this is the best so far. However, I will report very regularly as I go through the whole course. It is actually designed in bite sized chunks, allowing you to learn at your rate over approximately a years time span, depending on how much practice time you devote. Good luck and report back to me. Thanks and Enjoy. Danny

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