Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Is it not odd at how musical and artistic the act of playing the guitar is, or your instrument of choice, as compared to the technical, mathematical and memory challenging side of the theory of music? The actual act of learning music theory is an important ingredient in the recipe in becoming a good guitar player. I tend to get obsessed with things sometimes, and now I’m obsessed with learning guitar theory, along with that my goal of being able to sight read music.

It is not necessary for beginner guitarists to learn everything about music theory. Some guitar players don’t know any music theory, but I think the evidence shows that some knowledge of music theory and a rudimentary ability to read guitar tabs or ideally being able to sight read music (at a low level) is a tremendous advantage when you are a beginner guitar player and it may be more important as you become a seasoned player.

Finally, the whole vibe of music theory is starting to make some understandable sense to me. I credit it primarily with the way the 401 page book is written and assembled. The Amazing Guitar Secrets workbook, which comes on a DVD also, so you can view it on your computer is written and presented in a manner that I understand. And the learn at home self study set of DVDs that come with the lessons demonstrate what is so beautifully put in the book.

Parents, this is an excellent Guitar Lessons for Beginners on DVDs, self study learn at home course. It is very well organized into small bite-sized sections, so every lesson is not going to be longer or more complicated than your attention span or ability to take in and remember new information is. A great gift or fun educational aid for kids (as opposed to XBox), husbands, friends and family. Keep your kids and spouse busy doing something constructive. You can be serenaded by beautiful music too!

I felt like giving up learning any more theory to be honest, although plenty of folks do understand it. The people who get it, either can’t explain it properly or don’t want to. What ever the reason is, Dan Denley explains it in pure and understandable methods. Perhaps he was told that he had a unique and understandable way of communicating this information, what ever the reason, I’m glad he made the course. I have revitalized hope that I can learn the entire theory of music over time now.

After spending the necessary time studying the technical side, it may be hard to get into a creative mode. This is where the irony lies, how can such a complicated theory, such as music, be of so much impact that when it becomes sound it moves the soul and helps form peoples lives? Play your lesson for a while, I guarantee you will get creative. It happens to all of us. It is like a virus, it spreads through out your whole body and takes over.

Music is a beautiful language, it is universal in theory, every one speaks the same language in music, except for a few pioneers like Jimi Hendrix and Mozart, who both impacted the way music was perceived, written and heard. Some virtuosos make new rules in their everyday process of thinking, we live for the next ones, especially guitar players, those are only two of the greatest musicians and composers ever.

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    Love your philosophy of teaching and learning!

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