Adult Guitar Lessons

Adult Guitar Lessons

No matter what I look at, TV, the newspaper, a magazine, beginner guitar lessons adults, I notice the adds and content are mostly targeted for the younger generation, from 20 to 30 years old. Except for some medicine adds or doctors commercials, the older generation is going out of style.

Our focus is then the adult guitar lessons programs specifically designed for beginner and up adults, not for children or adolescents. It teaches you the way an adult mind will accept the information. No mamby pamby kids stuff.

One thing I noticed is the ratio of ads that target a younger audience is very high compared to the ‘adult’ other age group. The fact is that many advertisers budgets are focused on separating the 35 year old and under group from their wallets. Psychology!

If you are a baby boomer or even a Gen-Xer, arriving at 40, 50 or 60 years of age – it is sometimes hard to come to terms that we are no longer part of the “groovy” generation that these advertisers are spending big bucks to appeal to.

If you’ve shopped around for guitar lessons you may have experienced a similar reality.

Studies show that the prime age group for guitar lessons for beginners is the “12 to 25 year old males” category.

As a result, most guitar lessons programs focus on this segment of the beginner guitar lesson population. And understandably so, more money and more competition.

If you’re considering picking up the guitar “later in life”, then it’s important to realize there are dramatic differences between guitar lessons designed for a younger crowd, kids, and adults who want self study, learn at home guitar lessons.

When shopping for a particular beginner guitar course, be aware of certain key words that will give away that the program is focused more on selling to the younger demographic. Words and terms like: Shredding- Metal-Speed Picking- Become a Guitar God- Blazing Fast- Be a Guitar Superstar are a giveaway.

Mature students or adults who want to learn guitar or re-fresh their chops after many years off usually search for terms like, guitar lessons for grownups, adult guitar lessons, guitar lessons for adults, acoustic guitar lessons, classical lessons, play blues guitar, learn I-IV-V (1-4-5) turnaround, 12 bar blues, learn oldies songs, online guitar DVD’s, learn at home guitar lessons, learn scales and modes, guitar chords and how to read tabs and music. The older generation is generally not interested as much in the younger-kids style of music.

Also, if you recognize the artists and songs that the course teaches, that may be a good sign. If you see names of songs and artists that you don’t recognize, then that may be an indicator that the course is primarily intended for the 12 to 25 age group. Which may not fulfill the learning requirements of a grown up. And don’t forget there are thousands of courses to sift through, which takes time and sometimes money. Why waste time and money then?

That’s not to say that any of these courses are insufficient, in fact there are a number of good ones out there, it’s just to say that, as an older, more mature guitar student, we learn differently from children or young adults, therefore many of these courses may not be the best choice for you.

So do you want to choose the best Adult Guitar Lessons? And How?

First understand that you will need to decide what “type” of guitar lessons program is best for you. Basically you have a few choices – private guitar lessons, home study guitar lessons, online guitar lessons, and going it alone.

1. Private Guitar Lessons

This is a good way to go, if you can afford it. Not as popular as it once was due to the growing demand and lack of teachers. It is quite costly and the ratio of good teachers is going down. Like any program, not all instructors are created equal. You will be making a considerable investment in private lessons so don’t hesitate to “interview” a number of instructors before making a decision.

2. Learn At Home Study Courses

These usually include learn at home DVDs, CDs or Videos and guitar lesson books, and there are a number of good courses on the market. The best ones have 24 hour support. Be sure to determine to “target audience” or age group of these courses before buying. Costing much less money than private lessons, and you can retake the lesson over and over again until you understand it.

3. Online Guitar Lessons

This is typically the most economical solution, but care should be taken when shopping. Like any other course, determine what generation the material taught is focused on. Many of them have monthly membership fees. Which adds up.

4. Learn Guitar By Yourself

There is so much free information floating around on the internet that it’s often tempting to attempt learning guitar by grabbing bits and pieces of what is available for free. It’s free because something very important they want you need is not included! These students are often referred to as “Google Guitarists”. The problem is, without a structured learning program to follow, bad habits are formed and the learning process stops at a certain point, most of these students flounder and eventually end up quitting the guitar in frustration.

Once a decision is made as to what type of adult guitar lessons program is right for you, then take a hard look at the guitar instructor. Guitar lessons instructors can range from well known international guitarists, to veritable “youngsters” barely out of school.

Quite often, guitar students of “our generation” relate better to an peer instructor with a wealth of “real world” guitar playing experience, coupled with a healthy dose of “life experience”.

Learning how to play the guitar is a fulfilling and rewarding experience at any stage in life, and choosing the right adult guitar lessons program will ensure that the joys of making music stay with you for many years to come.

Over 40, 50, 60? Beginner, intermediate or advanced. The course is designed for adult minds, allowing you to achieve your goals faster than a generic or kids course.

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  1. My Dad recently tried out this instruction course and it worked really well for him.

  2. This is a good post because it’s raising an important subject. There is a saying “the world belongs to the young” yes it’s quite right but remember every person is young in his spirit and every person in every age have dreams he or she want to forefeel their dreams and sometimes it’s dreams they carry all the way from childhood. So if you have a dream to play guitar it’s never too late go for it. Your family will be proud of you.

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