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Free Guitar Lesson Videos I am convinced by Trying some Free Guitar Lessons Videos right now, you will be hooked. presented by Watch & Learn Guitar has some of the coolest guitar lessons and guitar courses to be purchased and put to immediate use at extremely low prices. I tried one of their Stevie Ray Vaughn licks DVD’s at $4.99 several years ago and it blew my mind. Now I’m going to write a guitar lesson review on their company.

It is true that they have a page full of hi quality free guitar videos. But it’s unrealistic to think you get the good stuff for free. This is an example of a free lesson:


Their premium lessons have exceeded my expectations 100 percent, every time. An unusual and impressive line of Premium Lessons are available. From full courses to scales or licks.

The DVD which I purchased (was not downloadable then) was quite remarkable, from the DVD quality to presentation. Jody Worrell gets right to the point in this lesson. There are 5 licks on the DVD and each lick is demonstrated several times by Jody in solo so you can remember the lick and the timing. Then he has a play along with him part where he plays the lick at a slower beat to start with, then increases the tempo to normal so you can embed it in your muscle memory, by repetition. Then the backing track plays alone so you can practice all you want to.

Free Tabs come with each lesson easy to download immediately too. It’s amazing what is offered at such affordable prices.

The teacher (Jody Worrell) plays the lick with the correct backing track in the same time and proper tempo. So the teacher is playing to a familiar beat, and you are following note for note and finger for finger. Watch and Learn even uses a double screen so you can see both hands at the same time. At the end of the demonstration part of every lick, you get the backing track by itself. That allows you to practice the lick over and over again to a backing track, which everyone knows is the best way to learn.

Everyone of the licks and lessons are presented in this manner. Presented by a professional musician and/or guitar teacher in terms that are easy to understand using excellent teaching skills. It’s a steal for the price. They have a whole library of blues licks and blues guitar lessons, rock guitar lessons, Jazz guitar and country guitar lessons.

Beginner guitar lessons are taught by Peter Vogl. Watch the short video first. They can be purchased one DVD at a time or as two part sets. Beginner 1 contains six downloadable video lessons for the absolute beginning guitarist. You will learn how to hold the guitar and pick, how to play notes, beginner chords and strum, and how to read tablature. These downloadable Quicktime video lessons are designed for someone who has never played guitar before and will teach them all of the necessary fundamentals for becoming a guitarist.

Beginner lessons Part 2 is a series of downloadable lessons that covers what you would learn from a qualified private teacher after several months of lessons and practice. You will learn strumming patterns, more advanced picking techniques, new chords and scales, and more. These lessons will give you the tools you need to play a wide variety of popular songs and head towards playing with others and creating your own material.

Some of the unique offerings that outperform other sites are their outstanding downloadable jam tracks. Their backing tracks rock, they make me start to groove immediately. Listen to a few short jam tracks segments for free. You will find one you need right now.

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