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I am not selling guitar lessons; I’m selling The Guitar Lesson Experience. The term online guitar lesson applies to online video guitar lessons, streaming video guitar lessons, webcam/Skype guitar lessons, and downloadable DVD guitar lessons.We consider our reviews to be ethical and detailed. My only interest is that you purchase the best guitar lessons for your interests.

The five companies we think are the top online lessons reviewed are; Jamplay, Guitar Tricks, Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar, Free Guitar Lesson Videos, and Guitar Lessons For Beginners.  All of the selected courses use: top grade technology, professional teachers, is easy to locate. Perhaps you want to go directly to the sites because you can’t wait to get going. May I suggest that you give the free guitar lessons a try. You will find the free guitar lessons fun and informative. My guitar lesson reviews are darn good too.

For more information on my credentials, and the best online guitar lessons to choose, see the ‘about me’ section of my site. Read my disclaimer please, I get a tiny cut of the action if you buy something. My intentions are not to trick anybody with vague statements. My credibility is important. Now go read some guitar lesson reviews. Thank you, Danny Lehrman.

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Online Guitar Lesson Review: JamPlay
RATING 5 Star Rating
Looking for online guitar lessons? JamPlay is one of the top websites offering online guitar lessons. Specifically, these are video guitar lessons. I am an intermediate electric guitar player. My experience with JamPlay is very positive. Every course I recommend is a top online guitar course. Not all of them are online video guitar lessons. I like video guitar lessons because all I need is access to a computer to take a lesson. Read More
Lesson Style: Online Guitar Videos Price: $29.95 to $19.95/month
JamPlay Website JamPlay Review Page
Online Guitar Lesson Review: GuitarTricks
RATING 5 Star Rating
Guitar Tricks is the oldest online guitar lesson website. They specialize in professional easy to use video guitar lessons. Smart too, offering terrific Free Guitar Lessons are available. An excellent feature. I’m 100% convinced this is the most complete video online guitar studio on the internet.  Read More
Lesson Style: Online Guitar Videos Price: $14.95/month
GuitarTricks Website GuitarTricks Review Page
Guitar Lesson Review: Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar
RATING 5 Star Rating
For absolute beginner guitar students, Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar online guitar courses are the closest thing I’ve found to taking the kind of personal and private lessons I had the privilege of taking in the ’60’s as a kid. What makes them so effective is the teacher, Steve Krenz, and his knack for conveying the information in an understandable and very pleasant way. Read More
Lesson Style: DVD Guitar Videos Price: $149.95 (One Time Payment)
Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar Website Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar Review Page
Online Guitar Lesson Review: Adult Guitar Lessons
RATING 5 Star Rating
Guitar Lessons for Adults are Online Video Guitar Lessons for Adults.  I’m firmly convinced that this program is ideal for the adult guitar player who wants to learn to play the guitar, or the intermediate player who seeks to improve their chops. Read More
Lesson Style: Online Guitar Videos Price: $47.00 (One Time Payment)
Adult Guitar Lessons Website Adult Guitar Lessons Review Page
Online Guitar Lesson Review:
RATING 5 Star Rating presented by Watch & Learn Guitar has some of the coolest guitar lessons and guitar courses to be purchased and put to immediate use at extremely low prices. Don’t wait, try their free guitar lessons right now. I tried one of their Stevie Ray Vaughn licks DVD’s at $4.99 several years ago and it blew my mind. Read More
Lesson Style: Online Guitar Videos Price: Free to Start Website Review Page